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Sinister Flush Mania Activates Canadian Club's Nea...

No player wants to lose a hand in poker, right? Now can you imagine yourself being inexplicably defeated and walking away with a million dollars? That’s what happened at Canada’s Playground Poker Club.

Like other clubs and casinos around the world, Bad Beat Jackpots promotions tend to pay out ridiculous amounts when activated, and that’s what happened again at Playground for the second time in two months .

In early August, a player lost $1.9 million from a four-flush to a straight flush, winning the largest jackpot in the story. The new crushing defeat occurred three days ago in a No Limit Hold’em CAD $1 / CAD $2 (Canadian Dollar) cash game.

The match occurred when five players went all-in at an eight-player table. . The flop comes and one of the players bets $15. The two players involved in the jackpot are Guy Sanschagrin and Siew Teh Haw. You called.

The turn is a plus-complete Player checked. The river came with a 1, Teh Haw bet $40, Sanschagrin went all-in, and the other players folded. Haw quickly called, showing his straight flush, but was surprised.

Guy Sanschagrin proposed a bigger pot. At this point, the party at the dinner table begins and the promotions begin. 1,344,069 Canadian dollars (988,824 US dollars) is distributed among the players at the table. Losers Siew Teh Haw emerged victorious.

He received approximately CAD$530,000 (40% of the amount), which translates to US$389,812 at current exchange rates. Guy Sanschagrin won C$265,000 (US$194,906), and the other six players at the table won C$44,000 (US$32,361) each.

The value of the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion in PlayGround Poker Club has been reset. The new total prize pool is just over $140,000, and Ace 4 remains the lowest hand for reactivation.

Sinister Flush Mania Activates Canadian Club's Nea...

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  • Remington.dickens

    The text discusses a recent incident at a poker club in Canada where a player unexpectedly lost but walked away with a million-dollar jackpot. This occurrence highlights the nature of Bad Beat Jackpot promotions, which pay out substantial amounts when activated, and the distribution of the prize among the players involved in the game.

  • The text describes a recent occurrence at Canada’s Playground Poker Club where a player lost to a straight flush and won the largest jackpot of $1.9 million. The defeated player received a portion of the jackpot, with the rest being divided among the other players at the table.

  • I think it’s crazy that players can walk away with such huge amounts of money from poker games, especially from Bad Beat Jackpot promotions. It must be exciting and nerve-wracking to be involved in a game where so much money is on the line.

  • This text describes a very fortunate and unexpected win at Canada’s Playground Poker Club, where a player lost a hand but walked away with a million-dollar jackpot. The Bad Beat Jackpot promotion at the club paid out over $1.3 million to the players at the table, with the winner taking home over half a million dollars.

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