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Santosh Suvarna wins $992,000 vs. Andrew Roble, setting high stakes poker record

Santosh Suvarna wins record $992,000 pot in high s...

On the latest episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12, Santosh Suvarna set a new record by winning $992,000 against Andrew Robl. It’s the largest pot in the history of the TV show

Santosh Suvarna has been active in the professional poker world for seven years. At first, he focused only on cash games, but over time he started participating in tournaments and now he is achieving great results. He earned nearly $6.5 million through offline activities. He currently has the second highest winnings among all Indian regulars at The Hendon Mob.

American poker player Andrew Robl specializes in cash games and is having one of his most successful seasons this year. As of the end of 2023, his net worth was $3,156,100. This is the highest amount achieved in this game format.

Andrew Robl in 2023

The game starts with blinds of $1,000/$2,000. Each player contributed $500,000. Suvarna successfully executed a $4,000 straddle, which is often seen in Showdown. When it was Robl’s turn to move into the small blind, he raised and to $16,000. Adams declined in the big blind and Suvarna responded with a 3-bet for $54,000. Robl called, and the flop came , , , , , , .

Robl was lucky enough to win the hand on the flop, leaving his opponent with almost no chance of winning – only a perfect turn and river could do that to save Suvarna. Andrew started by allowing his opponent to bet $45,000. After Robl called, King’s Tern King added a pair to his opponent’s hand, slightly widening his narrow path to victory. Both checked as Suvarna showed restraint at the right time.

The decisive moment was the king on the river, which gave the Indian a better hand against Robl’s trio. Confident of his victory, Andrew bet $300,000 of the $202,000 pot.

Suvarna put the remaining $395,000 all-in. Roble backed him up and believed his three-bet bet was better. After the showdown, Santosh was declared the winner and set a new record for the show: $995,000 per hand.

This moment was not only a highlight of the season but also highlighted the standard of the tournament. The skill and risk a player is willing to demonstrate in high-stakes poker.

Santosh Suvarna wins record $992,000 pot in high s...

Battle between PokerOK rooms and Russian-language tournament funds intensifies

PokerOK vs. Fund: Community divided over poker con...

The conflict between the GGPoker PokerOK network’s Russian-language storefront and its backing funding continues. A few comments and perspectives have been added since the last one posted on this topic, but this does not provide any concrete clues about the future of the school representatives in the room. Many students’ accounts remain frozen or there is little chance of withdrawals. In addition, many regulators that do not cooperate with the funds have also been affected by the sanctions.

For those who don’t know much about the inner workings of the Poker Fund, founder Alexander BeHeartless explains Dream Team School. He noted that two types of such organizations exist in Western communities:

  • Coaching for Profit (CFP). There is a positive attitude towards such teams in the community. Because their actions are transparent and do not violate the technical and ethical rules of the industry.
  • Stables. There is literally a “stable” in fact. Usually played in large groups as a team, this is an absolute no-no in all rooms. Many Brazilian funds follow this approach.

In the Russian-speaking community these terms are usually not separated, since the second option is not used at all by default. If violations occurred, they were not systemic but related to specific poker players and reprimanded by other participants in the school. Therefore, the word “stability” itself does not have a negative connotation in the CIS countries as it does in the West.

It is worth noting that not all funds have the same attitude. While most school owners rallied to defend their interests, some prominent community figures were more willing to accept the PokerOK CEO’s terms immediately. In particular, the founder of the SV School, Artem Vezhenkov, decided to comply with the new rules, which caused public condemnation from other foundation colleagues. However, his position cannot be said to be illogical. Since change is inevitable, he believes it’s worth investing the time, not to sort out relationships but to balance the impact on students.

SV School founder Artem Vezhenkov accepted the conditions of PokerOK Room CEO

On April 3, Ivan Bryksin participated in a live broadcast organized by the AmigosBacking School. The meeting was attended by the heads and representatives of the largest “stable” in the Russian-speaking region. However, the CEO in the room immediately made it clear that he did not view the meeting as a negotiation and once again made his position public. No constructive dialogue took place: opponents reacted emotionally to mutual attacks, and the search for compromise ended virtually within the first minute of communication.

Representatives of the foundation once again stated that the wave of repression affected them. Only the Russian-speaking community enjoys a much higher prestige than the Brazilian “stable”. If there are accusations of gosting, softplay, timplay and other serious crimes, then we should start with Latin American schools. In this case, everything looks like a targeted fight against the plus-size regulars of the post-Soviet era.

In this regard, Ivan said that this work is not based on territoriality. If the goal is to eliminate the winning poker player, then the first to be eliminated will be the Belarusian representative team, with the losing player missing as a class. But PokerOK doesn’t do that. Additionally, regulars who don’t participate in the fund have nothing to worry about.

As for the Brazilians and other industry players who are not always innocent, the fight against them is being waged as part of the general. Activities of the GGPoker network.

After a brief argument, Ivan left the live broadcast, and the remaining participants were criticized by the audience for excessive behavior. It is worth noting that there is no consensus in society on this confrontation. Most poker players are concerned with the “stable” issue related to the strategy of the room itself, keeping in mind that if we believe the hypothesis of PokerOK CEO Ivan Bryksin, the game should gradually approach casino discipline.

It is this latter view that has attracted users of the English-language resource TwoPlusTwo, where owners of affected “stables” have posted threads about what is going on. But firstly, they are not sure whether Ivan has announced the strategy of the entire network, and secondly, the funds have not received the support of Western poker players. Perhaps it’s because these organizations are inherently chaotic in popular perception. However, the positive response to all resources, collected through contributions from third-party users, lays the core of the proposition: funding generates powerful players on an industrial scale. Competition has increased, keeping amateurs away. Apparently a large portion of the community agrees.

Eventually schools in other countries responded. Fedor Holz, GGPoker ambassador and founder of one of the largest foundations of modern poker, expressed concern about what is happening to the network’s Russian-language storefronts. “The vast majority of criminal organizations in the poker environment are ‘stables’ of some sort, but clearly not all ‘stables’ are invaders,” he wrote in a social media post.

Fedor Holtz – GGPoker ambassador and owner of a large “stable”

Another large school owner, Patrick Leonard, also responded to the situation. He points out that foundations are both important and dangerous to poker economics. They have been in close contact with various cosmic spaces for a long time, and have also provided them with transportation and security. The gradual deterioration of the average player’s own condition is the reason for the establishment of such schools. Especially in modern reality, reaching the top in MTT is almost impossible. Even in the financial situation, everything was quite difficult: Patrick admitted that he lost millions of dollars to Meikaps.

Patrick Leonard is the founder of one of the training foundations

Leonard knows that not all foundations operate with integrity. Sharing databases, voting, timing and reporting your hands in Dipras are all really relevant issues for online poker. To solve this problem, he suggested providing rooms with complete information about the school’s makeup so they can track interactions between students.There should also be some kind of regulator with full access to the internal “kitchen” of all funds.

On April 7, there were reports that PokerOK and GGPoker were preparing a joint statement. Its contents are not entirely clear. This may involve changes to the User Agreement. This is an internal document that is essentially “signed” by all players who join a specific room. If the rules of a room or all online storefronts change, this could give operators more control over poker players’ accounts. We will monitor developments closely and update our news feed.

PokerOK vs. Fund: Community divided over poker con...

Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Championship at EPT Monte Carlo

Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Ch...

EPT Monte Carlo The first day of the €25,000 High Roller Event was a huge success, attracting 229 participants. The event’s current prize pool is €5,498,290, nearly €500,000 more than last year’s total. Registration will remain open until the start of the next day. Therefore, it is expected that the number of participants will increase and they will start Day 2 with over 30 big blinds. Among them is Kun Agüero, a member of the illustrious Aramada Latina.

Out of 229 participants, 112 players advanced to the next round, includingMaher NouiraThe player from Tunisia leads the way with 362,000 chips, followed by EstoniaHenri Kasper(290,000) and Germany’sChristopher Putz(267,000).

Maher Nouira leads the way on day two.

On the other hand, the Latin fleet was quite full. Our best player is Mauricio Salazar, who is in 14th place with 193,500 chips. Online poker top ten player Ramiro Petrone is also ranked 35th with 137,500 points, while Miguel Capriles is ranked 49th with 108,000 points

Also One great grinder was Argentinian football legend Kun Agüero, who managed to advance to day two with 80,500 chips despite two attempts.

That includes Latinos who tried but failed. Promoted to Day 2 are Nacho Barbero and Adolfo Vaeza, although both still have a chance to return.

The remaining 112 players return to Sporting Lisbon for Day 2, which will take place this Friday at 12 noon local time in Monte Carlo and is expected to feature at least 10 levels of 60 minutes each. Players will enter level 11 with blinds of 1,000/1,500 and a BB of 1,500. The total prize pool and winnings will be confirmed after registration closes.

EPT Monte Carlo – High Roller

Buy-in: 25,000 €

Number of Entrants: 229 (registration open)

Pot : €5,498,290

Blinds: 1K/1,500 and BB 1,500 ante.

Average Chip Size: 102,232

Next Price:Registration Still Open

Top 10 Chips

1° Maher Nouira – 362,0002. Henry Casper – 290,0003° Christopher Putz – 267,0004° Vladislav Martinenko – 245,5005° Matthias Lipp – 235,0006° Daniel Rezai – 233,5007° Cesar Garcia – 220,0008° Bert Stevens – 206,5009° John Ducey – 201,00010. Mike Watson – 201,000

Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Ch...

Iguazu Poker Tour: Gold Edition brings $70,000 worth of prizes

Iguazu Poker Tour: Gold Edition brings $70,000 wor...

Following the recent Iguazu Poker Tour Black Edition, Downtown Iguazu is ready for its next stop, which begins this week and The domain will be available in the Gold Edition, priced at $70,000.

The tournament runs Thursday through Saturday and has a buy-in of $1,000, withrebuys, add-ons and double add-ons – of the same amount.

Promotion starts at 6pm on Thursday, Day 1A. , while on Friday it is defined as both Day 1B and on Saturday as Day 2, starting at 3 p.m.

Players can master eight 20-minute levels in 30 minutes on day 1 and 3, taking advantage of the starting chip stack of 25,000. Everything is ready for the poker party in Downtown Iguazu.

Iguazu Poker Tour: Gold Edition brings $70,000 wor...

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

Samuli Sipila is the PGT PLO Series Champion. Sipila appeared in the PGT PLO series presented by PLO Mastermind, winning two events and cashing out four times. His performance earned him 749 points in the PGT standings and placed him atop the series standings by a wide margin. Sipira received $776,140 from his four cash tranches, plus a $239,000 bounty. This equates to a total transportation volume of $1,015,140. The Finnish performance was incredible.

PGT PLO Series Top 10 Ranking

1. Location: Samuli Sipila – 749 pointsSecond place: Eelis Parssinen – 565 pointsThird place: Seth Davies – 313 pointsFourth place: Dylan Weisman – 309 pointsFifth place: Stefan Christopher – 302 pointsSixth place: Allan Le – 291 points7th place: Ronald Keijzer – 278 points8th place: Bruno Fürth – 258 pointsNinth Place: Lautaro Guerra – 226 points

Topping the series standings, Sipila became the PGT PLO Series Champion, earning him a $10,000 PGT Passport bonus.

The last two games of the series have also ended. Seth Davies won the $25,200 PLO tournament for $522,000. He defeated Samuli Sipila in a heads-up match. For Davis, a longtime high roller, this was the first live cash tournament since records began in Pot-Limit Omaha. In the tenth and final race, James Calderaro notched his first PGT win by taking the lead in the $5,100 PLO Dealer’s Choice event.

Event #9: $25,200 PLO Tournament Results

Entries: 72

Prize Pool: $1,800,000

First Place: Seth Davies – $522,000Second place: Samuli Sipila – $342,000Third Place: Bruno Furth – $243,000Fourth Place: Stefan Christopher – $171,000Fifth Place: Allan Le – $126,000Sixth Place: Sean Winter – $90,0007th place: Joao Simao – $72,0008th Place: Ian Matakis – $72,000Ninth Place: Dylan Weisman – $54,00010th: Ronald Keijzer – $54,00011th Place: Lou Garza – $54,000

Event #10: PLO Dealer Choice Result Worth $5,100. Entries: 21Prize Pool: $105,000

1st Place: James Calderaro – $56,700Second Place: Allan Le – $31,500Third Place: Alex Condon – $16,800

Top 10 in 2024 PGT Points.

Samuli Sipila has overtaken Daniel Negreanu in the season-long PGT standings and is currently in third place behind Dylan Weisman and David Coleman. Seth Davies and Eelis Parssinen also rounded out the top ten with results in the PGT PLO Series.

1. Location: Dylan Weisman – 1,047 pointsSecond place: David Coleman – 937 pointsThird place: Samuli Sipila – 749 pointsFourth place: Daniel Negreanu – 716 pointsFifth place: Kristen Fox – 666 pointsSixth place: Seth Davies – 590 points7th place: Eelis Parssinen – 565 points8th place: Jonathan Little – 549 points9th place: Alex Foxen – 489 points10th place: David Peters – 457 points

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

NFL players ask for flop cards and put them in order

NFL players ask for flop cards and put them in ord...

Just days before Super Bowl 58, the city that never sleeps gets even busier. Las Vegas was star-studded, with PokerGO inviting 73 celebrities to take part in the tournament at its studio.

Multiple NFL players competed in the Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II, including Tennessee Titans QB Will Levis. He has other skills besides elliptical throwing.

All-in preflop, he led with A♥K♣ over K♥J and announced a terrible flop for his opponent with 9-8-4.

When the dealer showed 8♠9♣4♣, the young player couldn’t believe his guess. Round 3 ♣ and River Q♥ kept Levi in ​​the lead, doubling his stack.

Levis didn’t stop there and made it to the final table. The 24-year-old was eliminated in sixth place and received a $2,500 bonus.

For the first time in history, the Super Bowl will be held in Las Vegas. The decisive game of the 2023/24 NFL season will take place on Sunday 11th at 8:30pm. (Brasília time) nationally on ESPN2.

NFL players ask for flop cards and put them in ord...

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

The World Poker Tour returns to Florida’s iconic casino and hotel, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. The casino, easily recognizable by its structural shape, is reminiscent of a large electric guitar.

The occasion is to celebrate a new festival that starts on April 3rd and lasts until the 23rd of the same month.

The long-awaited championship match will also be held on Held at the music festival!

The event, which has a buy-in of $3,500 and a guaranteed prize pool of up to $3,000,000, will take place from April 19-23.

But the news is part of the festival and things don’t end there: The World Poker Tour, taking place on April 18 at 11 a.m. at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, offers a series of live events with well-known poker figures Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten for the opportunity to attend special game sessions together. A unique opportunity that all festival attendees should take advantage of.

So if you get the chance, don’t miss the festival in unforgettable locations, with unique encounters and the chance to win big prizes while feeling the competitive adrenaline rush of the game.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown @WPT Party Game with Brad Owen and Vince Van Patten Thursday, April 18 at 11am Click

— Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (@shrpo) March 20, 2024

World Poker Tour continues at Hard Rock Hotel

Pedro Padilha remains in top 3 in online poker rankings

Pedro Padilha retains top three spot in new online...

On Wednesday, the PokerStake (formerly PocketFives) online poker rankings were updated again. With no change in rankings, Brazil still has one representative on the podium: Samba Poker star Pedro Padilha remains in third place.

This remains Padilla’s career best, now with 8,823 points, down slightly from last week. What has changed is that the gap to fourth place has narrowed, with Frenchman Thomas Santerne moving up one place to almost halve the Brazilian’s lead

Uruguayan player Ramiro Petrone retains top spot and leads Triton Series in Jeju Island, South Korea Czech player Roman Hrabec won the main event. Petrone currently has 10,524 points, while Hrabek is second with 9,899 points.

Other Brazilians joining Pedro Padilla in the top 20 include Luis Constantino (12th, 7,331 points), Denis Ramos (14th , 7,206 points) and Carlos Ribeiro (16th, 7,118 points). The country has 20 players in the top 50.

See the complete top 10:

1. – Ramiro Petrone (Uruguay) – 10,5242nd Place – Roman Hrabec (Czech Republic) – 9,8993rd Place – Pedro Padilha (Brazil) – 8,8234th place – Thomas Santerne (France) – 8,4295th place – Niklas Astedt (Sweden) – 8,3186th place – Aleks Shepel (Russia) – 8,2977th place – Simon Mattsson (Sweden) – 7,6878th – Chris Klodnicki (USA) – 7,4939th – Patrick Lauber (England) – 7,45410th – Casimir Seire (Finland) – 7,437

Pedro Padilha retains top three spot in new online...

KSOP: Take a look at Rio de Janeiro stage highlights

KSOP GGPoker SA: Check out the highlights from the...

The nostalgia for the KSOP GGPoker South America is still going strong around here, and today we’re going to look back at some of the most memorable moments of this historic event that took place at the Riocentro. Come with us:

Check it out!

Leo Rizzo’s triumphant entrance – and all-in in the dark

The eighth-ranked player in the world put on a show during his participation in the KSOP GGPoker South America, with a movie-worthy entrance with representatives of the Beija-Flor de Nilópolis samba school in the Ultra High Roller and, later, fulfilling his promise to go all-in in the dark in the first hand of the event, where he lost to Leandro Zavodini. Poker also has its healthy dose of entertainment, and Rizzo certainly provided those moments during the stage.

Johannes Toebbe from Vasco

Have you ever heard of the case of the man who loved too much? That could be Johannes Toebbe. The German was in the country to play, among other tournaments, the Ultra High Roller – but what really caught the eye was his outfit. That’s because he wore a Vasco shirt during one of the days of competition, and the reason is that he fell in love with a Vasco girl in the city and, soon after, went to the mall to buy a Vasco shirt. Incidentally, he also accompanied Felipe Mojave during a visit to the Beija-Flor court.

Felipe Mojave’s breakthrough

Just 17 years into his career, the GGPoker ambassador had yet to win a KSOP champion’s trophy. The wait came to an end in one of the most expensive tournaments of the series, the Bounty Hunters Super High Rollers; and not only that: to win the title, Mojave had to win a very high-level heads-up against Daniel Aziz, who had a 9:1 stack advantage at the start of the match between the two. “I tell you, this was one of the best wins of my career by far,” he told Mundo Poker after the title.

The Catholon bullshit

Anyone who knows Elvis Renan knows that he’s one of the nicest guys on the circuit – so to pick a fight with him, you need a lot to get him off his back. And an Argentinian player managed it during one of the Kings Turbo daily tournaments. The argument starts off in a very “quiet” way, with Catholon laughing and taking the situation in good fun, until the moment when his opponent is eliminated and continues to take the problem to heart. The situation almost became more nervous.

The biggest prizes on Brazilian soil

On two occasions during the event, the KSOP GGPoker South America handed out a whopping R$2,000,000 to players. The first came with Ezequiel Waigel’s win in the Ultra High Roller, the R$100,000 tournament that was a great success; at the end of the historic stage, Bernardo Sette secured the same prize by winning the Main Event, which had a R$5,000 buy-in. Both represent the biggest prizes ever won in live tournaments in Brazil.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Check out the highlights from the...

The Brazilian team makes great strides in GGMasters Overlay Edition

The Brazilian team makes great strides in GGMaster...

As early as the opening of the GGMasters Overlay Edition, the country’s grinders showed that they are the players to beat on GGPoker.

Of the 2,321 qualifiers on Day 2, 240 were from Brazil, including 19 of the top 100. The green and yellow star on Day 1A is “GG River”. He is in fifth place with 426,503 chips (approximately 170 BBS).

The leader is Argentinian “kbza0823” with 508,770 chips, while Russian “Limp Blitzkit” has 508,759.

To date, GGMasters Overlay Edition has brought together 24,323 players with a total prize pool of $3,356,574, less than half of the $10,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The championship continues on Saturday afternoon, the 24th

View the full schedule:

February 24

Day 1B – 2:00 PM

February 25

Day 1C – 9 AM/2 PM/7 PM

February 26

Day 1D – 9 a.m./12 noon

Day 2 – 4 p.m.

February 27

Final Table – 3:00 PM

The Brazilian team makes great strides in GGMaster...

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