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Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Prague

Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Pr...

Pablo Brito had a very promising start at EPT Prague. In Event 4: €10,200 NL Hold’em, the Bahian pro was just a few eliminations away from winning the first Silver Sword of his career. He finished third out of 35 entrants and won €52,600, approximately R$278,000.

Pablo is the protagonist of the ITM Bubble Tournament. On an A·K♣ flop against Robbie Toan’s J♣J♥, he found one of his outs on the K·6♠5♣6·2♥ board and was eliminated. The Irish. Just two moves later, in another preflop all-in, the 9tales player defeated Dimitar Danchev with A 10 ♣ against A ♥ 6 to secure his top spot on the stage.

Im Next level Pablo also attacked Yulian Bogdanov’s chips. According to PokerNews, the Bulgarian raised to 25,000 at the start of the match. To his left, Pablo then raised to 55,000. Bogdanov went all-in again for 193,000, about 16 BBS. Pablo decided to call and showed 9♣9♠. Bogdanov was dominated by A♥K♠ and went on to lose the game on a Q 8♠6♥4♣5♥ board.

Unable to keep up the pace, Pablo gradually distanced himself from his opponent until he failed on the side of the road. In his farewell match, he defeated A-Ko 9-9. K♥5♠9♣A♦5♥ The board confirmed the win for Michel Molenaar, who advanced to heads-up.

Meanwhile, Molenaar saw a poor shot prevent him from winning. Playing Q НQ against Tamás Ádámszki’s A ♥ 9, he got caught on the edge 2 ♥ 8 ə 7 ♥ A ♣ 2 ♣ and saw the Hungarian gain the upper hand.

Ádámszki took control and acted without looking back until he won an unprecedented championship.

Final results

1. Tamas Adamszki (Hungary) €117,150

2. Michel Molenaar (Netherlands) €76,400

3. Pablo Brito (Brazil) €52,600

4. Deividas Daubaris (Lithuania) €39,050

5. Niklas Astedt (Sweden) €30,550

6. Yulian Bogdanov (Bulgaria) €23,750

Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Pr...

BSOP Millions: Luis Abdo is High Roller Champion

Luis Abdo beats “lipe piv” heads-up to win BSOP Mi...

The largest high roller event in BSOP Millions history is the final event. The final day of play went on for a long time, and as the lights went down in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at the World Trade Center, Luis Abdo, a grinder on the Midas Poker Team who goes by PokerStars “Blogods”, he is the man who calls live broadcasts to take away millionaires.

Wearing the Corinthians jersey, Louis Abdo, his core team, fought hard in the fierce competition of 437 participants to win the historic event and make history. By doing so, he turned his massive buy-in investment of R$15,000 into a R$1,000,000 bonus.

The champion was very satisfied with his victory and said: “This is me.” Very happy. I know how tough this field can be. I beat Poker Coach Piv. In the last hand we were a little cold, which is normal. I’m so happy and grateful to everyone who was with me. It was the best year of my career, I won scoops and stuff and this trophy crowns the year. No words, shell field, marathon. I kept playing from the beginning and we ended up winning. ” he said.

As the days go by, Louis meets poker players who are truly “the best”, making his victories even greater. At some point, he must Adjust your game heavily against these opponents and use a good strategy:

“I avoid making big pots, I play more. That’s an important line. “For me, I wanted to live as long as possible. I played two days with Heretics and played with good players. I ended up losing on the first day, but from the second day onwards everything went well and I qualified Yes.” he said.

With nearly the entire cast coming from the Midas Poker team, Luis was part of a team he has been playing for for five years, defeating Keizer, Leandro Bianchini, Strong players such as Rafael Daria, Jose Bazo, Vitor Lopez, Casio Keirs, Elias Neto, etc. finally defeated Felipe Boyanov Ski, who is looking to double his big bet in winning the Super Edition.

Talking about the Midas Poker team, Luis immediately thanked everyone: “I’ve been here for five years. I had lunch with Dan and he asked me to keep the Midas Iron. I promised I would get it . “I entered the $2 tournament and made great progress. I have to thank them all for their support, Dan, Taradinho, CF, Ramon and his colleagues, I thank them all for that. ”

After all, the new Brazilian poker millionaire is already thinking about 2024 and will participate more in live events: “There are many online series, but now that I have won this championship, Maybe a live game would interest me more. “I will work hard next year as this is my first time playing live tables. I am more focused on playing online and doing well,” said the BSOP Millions High Roller Champion.

View the entire prize pool:

1. – Luis Abdo – R$ 1,000,000

2. – Felipe Boianovsky – R$ 730,000

3. – Elias Neto – R$ 520,000

4. – Cassio Keirs – R$ 389,000

5. Place – Vitor Lopes – R$ 305,000

Sixth place. Location – José Lucas Pianaro Bazo – R$ 238,000

7. Location – Rafael D’Auria – R$ 179,000

8. Ranking – Leandro Bianchini – R$ 127,550

Ninth place. Place – Felipe Ketzer – R$ 102,000

Luis Abdo beats “lipe piv” heads-up to win BSOP Mi...

Texas Hold’em Betting Strategy – Cash Game

Texas Hold'em Betting Strategy – Cash Game

It’s great to know when to bet and raise, but if you don’t know how much to bet and raise when it’s your turn, you’re going to have a very serious gap in your betting play.

Use this quick and easy guide to determine what to bet the next time you sit down at the No Limit Hold’em table.

Why is this important? Is your bet correct?

Suppose you flop a strong top pair, but there are two cards of the same suit on the table. So…

If you bet too little, you’ll give players with draws and some players with middle pairs the chance to see the turn cheaply , which makes it mathematically correct for them to pay to try and beat you (because they have good pot odds – but if you’re not familiar with Pot Odds (playing flushes and straights) , please don’t worry, but you just saw how bad it is to bet too little). So if you don’t bet enough, you’re just allowing other players to interfere and win the pot for you.

Now, if you bet too much, you are taking a big risk and your opponent will most likely have a better hand than you. Top pair is a good hand on the flop, and a big bet can get rid of the weak hands that give you headaches, but what if another player beats you? Why invest a large amount of money when a smaller bet can achieve the same goal but save money?

As you can imagine, the goal is to hit the “sweet spot” in terms of bet size. Here we would bet too much so that players can mathematically correctly call the draw, but at the same time not bet so much that we would lose a lot of money if we encountered resistance. So let’s get started…

Determine your stakes in No Limit Hold’em.

Let me tell you the basic rules of a good poker betting strategy:

The size of your bet should always be proportional to the size of the pot.

This means that every time you bet, you need to keep the pot size in mind and bet accordingly. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t tell you how much you should bet, so I’m going to give you a magical rule that you should always follow when betting by size.

If You Have an “If” If you have a strong hand that you want to bet, you should bet 75% to 100% of the pot size.

By following this rule you can always calculate the optimal range of bet sizes so you can always bet on every hand. When you bet between these two numbers, you bet just enough to force your opponent to lose the bet, but not so much that you risk doing damage by one of the other players at the table beating you.

Bet before the flop.

As a rule of thumb, the ideal value is four times the big blind. This allows you to eliminate weaker players and reduce the number of players still on the flop.

If there is a caller before the preflop action, you should add 1 big blind to the 4 big blinds, which is what I recommend. So, if you are playing $1/$2 NL Hold’em and decide to raise preflop, the default raise is $8. However, if there is 1 limper, your bet should be $10. If there are two limpers, you will make $12, and so on….

This is because limpers make the pot bigger, meaning that even if you get a regular cards, your opponents will also become bigger. Make 4X BB -Raise You’ll get a better price entering the hand and seeing the flop. So make sure you make the toughest decisions possible and don’t give them a chance to get into the hand…You don’t want players to flop with marginal hands!

The ideal situation on the flop is to stay left-handed hand after hand, as this allows you to play more profitable poker. A good preflop betting strategy can increase your chances of playing hand after hand.

Texas Hold'em Betting Strategy – Cash Game

Matias Scaffo wins BSOP Millions Main Event

Matias Scaffo wins BSOP Millions 2023 Main Event

Uruguayan player Matias Scaffo recorded a career-best result yesterday by winning the BSOP Millions 2023 Festival Main Event in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

Contest The campaign launched on November 18 at the Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel with 3,220 entries worth R$4,000 ($811). The prize pool is R$10,413,410 (US$2,112,447). The finalists included Gerardo Rodriguez from Peru, who finished seventh and won R$231,000 (USD 46,860).

Matias started heads-up 3-3, losing to Brazilian

Matias Scaffo wins BSOP Millions 2023 Main Event

WCOOP: Eduardo Silva and Marllon Pinto round out the podium with #105-H

Eduardo Silva and Marllon Pinto take the podium in...

The final day of WCOOP 2023 was an emotional one for Brazilian Poker. After winning the Main Event Mid-Level and Low-Level races, the four stars advance to the decider of the final event: Event #105-H (NLHE Super Tuesday, $1,050 single rematch). Eduardo Silva and Marlon Pinto were outstanding. The pair finished on the podium on their debut in the series.

Eduardo was the best Brazilian player, finishing second out of 302 competitors. He made a small trade with his friend Patrick Leonard in heads-up play and pocketed $44,929. Marllon Pinto won the bronze medal, earning $31,973. Pablo Brito finished fifth for $17,993 and Lucio Lima was eliminated in ninth place for $6,147.

Marllon is the first player in the tournament One of the most interesting stories because when the FT was founded he was the last one with leverage and he managed to get back to form. The Pará native was down to just three big blinds at one point and quit after winning two coin tosses. The third big blind was supposed to be heads-up with Leonard, but Eduardo Silva doubled up.

Soon after, Marllon was eliminated with A3 against 99, so the Englishman’s heads-up came up between two long-time players, the famous “Eduardo850” and “pads1161”. The duel between mentor and student is called mentor. Patrick maintained a good lead and eventually took the championship. The final scene is AJ going all-in preflop against T7 on 2K3J8. This semifinal is worth $54,505.

Eduardo Silva and Marllon Pinto take the podium in...

Diego Costa Takes Podium in Bounty Hunter Competition $215

Diego Costa Takes Podium in Bounty Hunter Competit...

The country’s grinders performed brilliantly in yesterday’s 21st match. At the GGPoker tables, Diego “SonOfRose” Costa added $8,314 to his bankroll by taking bronze in the $215 Bounty Hunter Tournament.

In the APT Online Bounty King Asia $320, “Si1veira” singled out for $7,938. The tournament featured 139 competitors.

Meanwhile, Tauan Naves finished fourth out of 754 players in Tuesday’s $150 Classic, a performance that earned him $7,300.

The winner of the Im Bounty Hunter’s Big Game $21.60 was “vsemeghini” for $7,292.

Finally, Felipe Mojave rounded out the podium in the $320 Bounty King for $6,027.

Diego Costa Takes Podium in Bounty Hunter Competit...

BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos wins LAPT Main Event

BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos aims for heads-up comeb...

The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) is a historic event that returns in 2023 and aims to bring together the continent’s brightest stars. There are five stages throughout the year, with the final 2023 Main Event winner announced on Monday in another classic between Brazil and Argentina. Warmest greetings to Lucas Rigos from Paraná, who wrote his name in the history of the Championship.

Avid Athletico Paranaense fan known as “LRigos94” at the online poker tables and formerly of the 4Bet Poker team defeated 771 players in a LAPT tournament with a buy-in of BRL 7,500 contestants and become the champion after three days of competition. The result was a huge prize of R$792,000 and a beautiful trophy that Lucas Rigos can keep on his shelf.

The champion was ecstatic about his achievement and excited about the celebrations. Spectators’ victory: “I’m speechless, I didn’t notice. I rarely attend live events, I’m completely focused on online Events. I’ve only ever played in the WSOP Circuit and BSOP Millions in Las Vegas and at that event I had the opportunity to play in the LAPT and I couldn’t pass it up, it was so awesome. In my wildest dreams , I never expected to be able to crack the main event. It’s a ridiculous result, and it’s the crowning achievement of my career, realizing what’s going to change from here on out. Plus, it’s a huge success for me.

The champion entered the final day of the tournament with a stack of chips He came out on top and made it to the final table without any problems, always being one of the top players in the Main Event. At the start of the final table, he was only ahead of Kim de Sousa in chips.

However, He was fully prepared to win: “I didn’t try. ” and he knew I thought this might influence my decision. It was hard to fall asleep last night, but I tried my best and only got a few hours of sleep. I woke up, did my daily routine, went to the gym, and did it without thinking as usual Workout for the day. I wanted to put everything I learned into practice and I think I did a pretty good job. I won important pots which I think helped me a lot in staying on top, I won flips, The funds are also regulated, which is a must.”

At the final table, Rigos eliminated Keven Augusto, Yuri Rodriguez, Naresh Trivedi and finally Kim de Sousa finished third in the heads-up match, with Lucas leading Argentina’s Andres Reed 2-1 in chips.

Hermano A strong start led to a draw soon, which brought the mandatory chip deal to R$ 648,000 per ticket. Andres applied a lot of pressure and even had the championship in his hands as Lucas was shorthanded at one point in the showdown.

Lucas held on, drawing again and winning the most important hand of the tournament. A preflop all-in of 66 against Andrés’ AT nearly tied the pair, which was enough for the Argentinian to claim two big blinds as a 387QJ board guaranteed victory for the Brazilian.

Soon after, there were many screams. Amid chants of “Bico” from the 4Bet crowd, Lucas ended the game again with a preflop all-in on A8 on 629A5 against Andrés Read’s T6 and ran to embrace Brazil fan.

The invitation from friends of the 4Bet poker team did not go unnoticed, and the champion took the opportunity to express his gratitude to them: “This is the greatest poker team in the world. I have never heard of it Another one. I’ve been there for three years and my career has changed dramatically. That’s because of my investors, coaches, etc. The fans here are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. In addition, my friend and my wife also sent a message. “Support makes all the difference, especially when he heads up,” concluded champion Lucas Rigos, who will continue to compete in the BSOP Millions event. Continue your journey.

View the entire LAPT Main Event prize pool:

1. Lucas Rigos (Brazil) R$ 792,000 *

2. Andrés Reed (Argentina) R$ 648,000*

3. Kim de Sousa (Brazil) R$ 385,600

4. Naresh Trivied (Brazil) R$ 291,750

5. Yuri Rodriguez (Brazil) R$ 231,150

6. Bruno Borges (Brazil) ) R$174,770

7. Kevin Augusto (Brazil) R$125,520

8. Oscar Alache (Chile) R$85,750

9. Zeca Gelaite (Brazil) R$ 67,750

*Heads-up Agreement

BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos aims for heads-up comeb...

Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online segment

Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online seg...

Starting and ending on Tuesday, Yuri Martins competed for the title in the WSOP Online MTT for the fifth time in a row. He was eliminated in a three-way event in the $3,000 Primetime event, earning $24,011. Rodrigo Selouan took home silver and $32,019. The tournament has 50 participants.

Yuri didn’t stop there. The Paraná native finished in fourth place in the $2,500 six-hand NLH Second Chance event and won another $21,820.

Finally, the Ninetales ace was just one hand away from winning the $2,100 PLO High Roller to add another $14,587 to his bankroll.

Felipe Ketzer finished second out of 294 entrants in the $1,050 Daily Deepstack HR contest, earning $42,102.

On the site, Pablo Brito took third place $25,325 in a Deepstack HR worth $5,250. See other results:

Tournament Player Position Prize WSOP Online: $150 Daily Deepstack “KeepControl” 1 $11,985 WSOP Online: $215 Bounty Hunter Big GameTauan Naves4. $10,694 WSOP High Roller: $525 Day Saver HR Hyper Turbo “neneco2468″2 $7,243 WSOP Online: $88 CRAZY EIGHTS 8 Hand Douglas Barbosa2.$6,151

WSOP Online: $15 Daily Mini Deep Stack “iLoveLauri”1 “4.$5,285 WSOP Online: $25 GGMasters Mediterranean Bounty Delight “VirgulinoRei” 2.$5,143

Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online seg...

Ari Engel Conquers 16th WSOP Circuit and Becomes Sole Leader

Ari Engel wins Event 7 of WSOP Circuit Horseshoe H...

As of late July, Ari Engel had 12 career WSOP Circuit rings, but was still far from catching leader Maurice Hawnkis with three rings remaining. Suddenly, in less than three months, the Canadian achieved the feat of winning four gems to become the all-time WSOP Circuit champion. The new title was released on Tuesday (10th).

Angel traveled to Chicago to compete in the WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Hammond and captured the historic title in Event #7 ($400 Omaha Hi/Low). He had to win out of 117 entrants to win $10,749 and, more importantly than financial value, get his 16th career ring.

“Of course that’s good,” said the champion. But my heart is in Jerusalem right now, so it’s bittersweet,” he said of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. A championship in another mixed-race event is also on the agenda. “I really like the Omaha 8, But I’m definitely not a top hybrid gamer, but I do pretty well with these low buy-ins. ”

After surpassing Hawkins, the Canadian specifically talked about himself and the other contenders for the “King of the Ring” spot. “Morris, Josh (Reichard) and Dan Lowery are competing in the ring. Has a better record in terms of number of games played. I’ve been to a lot more games than them. Their numbers are really good and they are great players. ” he added.

While Engel won his 14th ring, it took Engel just 24 hours to win his 15th, tying him with Maurice Hawkins. The star was ready. Continuing to make things difficult in Chicago and heading to Event 9 ($600 6-Handed) this Wednesday (11).

Check out the top 5 WSOP Circuit biggest events Winner:

1. Place – Ari Engel – 16

2. Place – Maurice Hawkins – 15

3. Ranking – Josh Reichard – 14

4. Location – Daniel Lowery – 14

5. Location – Valentin Vornicu – 13

Ari Engel wins Event 7 of WSOP Circuit Horseshoe H...

Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

Ace Pedro Padilha spent over an hour at the GGPoker tables in his third GGMillion$ FT of the season. The St. Paul native was eliminated in six-man action and earned $78,276.

Padilha entered the finals with 45 BBS, third in chips. In the first few minutes, he saw Jans Arends take down two big pots and take the lead. In K♠K♥ against Q♥Q♣, the Dutchman didn’t let the board surprise him, sending home “Clickworko 2♥6♥7♦7♠7♥”.

Leonard Maue, on the other hand, was not so lucky with a pair of kings. He had 25 BBS and was involved in a preflop all-in against Juan Pardo. Leading with J♣J♥, the Spaniard found the Jack and declared another elimination.

A few moves later, Padilla received Q♥Q♠ and tripled directly from UTG+1. The eliminated “Tedwina Slowsby” didn’t think much and pushed the chip to the middle of the table. While the initial attacker, Johannes Straver, quickly folded his A♣J♥, Padilha thought long and hard before announcing the fold, thus avoiding “Tedwina Slowsby”‘s K♥K♠.

The smallest stack is now on the table and Padilha manages to double his stack on the next hand. With A♥9♣, he hit two pairs on the table, 7♥6♣9♠2CheckA♣, and called Pardo’s bet with A♠2♠.

In the next division, “Tedwina” Slosby was “eliminated from the championship game.” To say goodbye, he risked 12 BBS and declared an all-in 3-bet. Back in the game, Arends called and presented A 9♥. For K♥J♥, players living in Mexico were not saved by the 2♥Q♠A♠9♣Q♥ board.

The next elimination will be coming soon. When two short stacks met, Padilha won and lost all his chips. Here’s what happened:

With blinds at 30,000/60,000 and an ante of 7,500, Thomas “Karma is a Cat” Boivin raised to 138,000 straight from UTG. The Padilha subsequently increased to 600,000, leaving 292,882 people. Boivin responded to a 4-bet all-in and was called by the Brazilian. When A♥K came up against K♠K♣, Padilha had no chance on the board with 9♣10♥2♣8♥J♠.

Boivin, Padilha’s tormentor, enters the heads-up match. When he was no match for Arends. See the final results:

1. Jans Arends (Netherlands) $269,458

2. Thomas “Karma is a Cat” Boivin (Belgium) $210,435

3. Elior “SuperSolid” Sion (UK) $164,341

4. Johannes Straver (Netherlands) $128,343

5. Juan Pardo (Spain) $100,231

6. Pedro Padilha (Brazil) $78,276

7. “Tedwina Slowsby” (Mexico) $61,130

8. Leonard Maue (Germany) $47,740

9. “Clickwork” (Austria) $37,282

Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

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