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RPSOP: Leandro Andreazzi fala sobre o circuito; veja

RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi comments on the su...

Next week will be a busy one on the poker scene in the interior of São Paulo with the historic Rio Preto Poker Series, the “RPSOP”, which will have an impressive R$500,000 guarantee. The consolidated circuit will hold its third stage in 2023 at the Ipê Park Hotel in São José do Rio Preto.

To hold an event of this size and, consequently, to seek a change in level, it took a lot of dedication and organization on the part of those involved in the project. One of those responsible is RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi, who recalled where it all began in an interview with Mundo Poker:

“I’d been running tournaments for a while in São José do Rio Preto, but they were small tournaments of R$ 30K, 50K, 100K and, in parallel, Rodrigo Haru, a partner at Bibi X Poker, ran cash games on some weekends. Then we came up with the idea of doing the first RPSOP with a R$150,000 guarantee. Rodrigo approached me and we combined the tournament with the cash game and a successful partnership was born.”

The partnership culminated in great success and the RPSOP became a sensation. From R$150,000 in the first stage, the guarantee for the second stage more than doubled: R$350,000. If before, players from the region had to travel hours to the capital to play big events, with the arrival of the circuit in the interior of São Paulo that changed, as Andreazzi commented:

“São José do Rio Preto was lacking in big tournaments, as the city and the surrounding area has great potential for players who play tournaments and cash games. The RPSOP was created to give players who can’t play the big tournaments in Brazil (BSOP and KSOP) the chance to play in a tournament with the same structures and organization. The RPSOP has put São José do Rio Preto on the highest shelves of national poker”.

With a R$500,000 guarantee and several interesting tournaments on the schedule, the event will be the biggest ever held in the region and should attract important names from São Paulo and many other states. In addition to the cash game-oriented structure, organized by Bibi X Poker, the expectations of the entire organization for the historic third stage are enormous.

Asked how the preparations are going and what to expect from the stage, Leandro didn’t hesitate: “It will be a success. A historic stage that will mark all those who take part, with an attractive guarantee that São José do Rio Preto and the region have never seen. We’ve made some great partnerships, both structurally and organizationally, and I’m sure we’ll beat this guarantee and we’ll be heading for an even bigger guarantee in the next stage.”

Andreazzi and Alex, former Corinthians and Internacional de Porto Alegre player, during the second stage

Among the highlights of the schedule are the following events: Main Event with a buy-in of R$ 370 and R$ 170,000 guaranteed, High Roller PLO4 (R$ 1,000 – R$ 30,000 guaranteed), High Roller NLH (R$ 1,200 – R$ 70,000) and a very interesting one, “Sudden Death”, with a buy-in of R$ 10,000 and three 0Km cars guaranteed.

The tournament, which has the curious and eye-catching name “Sudden Death”, is an innovation offered by the RPSOP and Andreazzi explained how it will work: “It’s an innovative tournament, never seen in events of this size, with a 0km car as an attraction, which helps to increase the guaranteed prize pool for the stage. In this RPSOP, three 0km cars will be given away, two for two PLO5 tables and one for a Texas Hold’em table, played in a Sit & Go format.”

The event is scheduled for October 18-22 at the beautiful Ipê Park Hotel, which has an impressive structure. Mundo Poker will also be covering the event on the spot. Leandro ended the interview by leaving a message and an invitation for everyone who wants to come along:

“Players come to play the RPSOP because they know that the tournament is run with transparency and honesty, and that they will receive everything they win without any problems. And most importantly, we have people involved in the organization who do everything with a lot of love and dedication, to provide an event that will mark the players’ lives and, therefore, in the next stages, we are sure that this player will come back and bring friends to the circuit,” he concluded.

RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi comments on the su...

Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP Foz Main Event and takes home R$301,000

Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP...

Guilherme Schreiber’s first win in the BSOP Main Event wasn’t hampered by a bad beat. He led most of the event in Iguazu, Paraná, before winning the coveted silver bracelet. While the winner received R$ 301,300 in heads-up prize money, Celso Sirtoli took home R$ 268,700 for second place.

In the first hand of the FT, Guilherme was aggressive but still managed to distance himself. from his rivals, but Diego Melo soon appeared in his rearview mirror. Holding A♠A♦, he immediately called Eduardo Dantas’ 3-bet all-in, with K♥Q♥ dominating. The 4♦4♠6♠2♣5♠ board didn’t save the Insight Team grinder, who fell by the wayside.

A few moves later, WSOP champion Gabriel Schroeder left the tournament. In a flip of K♥Q♥ against Guilherme’s 9 9 ♣, the man from Santa Catarina couldn’t find any outs on the 2 ♠4 ♦8 ♠3 ♥ 2 board.

More and more things are happening. Often seen on top, Guilherme was involved in another preflop all-in. While Paraguayan Juan Pablo Airaldi had K♥K™, he needed A™10™ to create a miracle. 4 2 ♥ 10 3 9 ¡ The board gave Erardi a straight flush and he avoided elimination.

In hand 6, Guilherme broke his pair of aces when Diego Melo hit a straight. Showing no sign of letting up, he continued to irritate his opponent and took a 2-1 lead in heads-up play.

Celso’s turnaround was swift. On the first hand of the duel, he played K♠K♦ and made a 4-bet all-in. Guilherme called and showed A ГQ♥. J♥3♥6♥5♠4♣ The hand did not surprise Guilherme, who doubled his stack.

Shortly afterwards, the tournament was paused to discuss the trade. Within minutes, they came to an agreement and started playing the game for 57,000 reais. Even looser, Guilherme regained the lead and never looked back.

On the final hand, after the flop of K 3♠4♠, Celso checked-raised all-in for 16 BBS. Guilherme immediately called and revealed K♥3♥. With J♥3♣, Celso was eliminated after the dealer turned Q♠.

By registering 797 entrants in the Main Event at R$3,000, the BSOP exceeded the R$1.5 million guarantee and cashed in USD of R1,882,720 in price. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Guilherme Schreiber (Brazil) BRL 301,300

2. Celso Sirtoli (Brazil) BRL 268,700

3. Gabriela Belisário (Brazil) BRL 153,000

4. Andrés Reed (Argentina) 115,000 reals

5. Diego Melo (Brazil) 90,000 reais

6. Juan Pablo Erardi (Paraguay) R$68,000

7. Anderson Suarez (Brazil) 48,300 BRL

8. Gabriel Schroeder (Brazil) 33,500 BRL

9. Eduardo Dantas (Brazil) R$ 26,500

Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP...

KSOP GGPoker Fortal: 2 more players take home their baggage

Satellite expert Maicen Teixeira wins third pack o...

There are just days left until the start of another major stage of the KSOP GGPoker, which will take place in the city of Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará, on the largest satellite still running poker sites in the world.

Some players have already benefited from KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza’s satellite tournaments. On Tuesday (10th), two more people received full packages for the $125 buy-in tournament, which included a number of regular players.

The competition had a large number of participants, and two Brazilian players advanced. One of them was Maicen Teixeira from Rondônia, who received the third package on the stage. Satellite “Fominha” was joined by the commander of the account “PastelDoQuim”. They were awarded the Main Event with a R$2,500 buy-in and seven nights of action at the beautiful Grand Mareiro Hotel.

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza’s next satellite will take place this Tuesday, with a guaranteed buy-in of US$50 and three main event slots. Players can view the full event schedule at this link . The event will take place from October 25th to 31st with a guaranteed amount of R$3,000,000. We look forward to seeing you there!

Satellite expert Maicen Teixeira wins third pack o...

Top meets kick off at WPT® World Championship Festival

Top meet meets at Wynn Las Vegas as part of WPT® W...

The Premier Meet-Up Game (MUG) will once again be the opening event of the WPT® World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas. The Premier MUG is set for Friday, December 1, hosted by World Poker Tour® Ambassadors Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen, and will also feature a special appearance from superstar Phil Ivey.

“With this ‘We Are’ WPT CEO, Adam Pliska said: “We are excited to once again have the Premier Meet-Up game as our grand opening event this year. WPT ambassadors will be on hand to welcome players to the World Cup festivities. “

“We are delighted to be able to bring Premier MUG back to the World Cup stage with players from various countries,” said Neeme. “I think the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the event sets the stage for the rest of the festival Sets a great tone. ”

Last year’s Premier MUG featured DJ Steve Aoki, celebrities Lynn Gilmartin, Tony Dunst and… Vince Van Patten, Tour CEO Matt Matt Savage and other notable players like Patrik Antonious and Joey Ingram sat down to play $1-$3 and $2-$5 cash games.

The late Doyle Brunson was also at the 2022 Super Bowl. This year, we’re honoring the legendary Texas Dolly with a promotion that includes some of his favorites Hand “Ten-Deuce”. Additionally, his son Todd Brunson will be in attendance.

Multiple spots in the WPT World Championship Festival Championship will be at Premier MUG periods are awarded via drawings at the end of the event. Seat players have the opportunity to win multiple events through live promotions. More details about these promotions will be announced via WPT social media.

“Premier MUG is the pinnacle of match play and shows the world what Andrew and I set out to achieve from the beginning. “We provide players with a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere and experience,” Irving said. “We hope that everyone who missed it last year will be able to come this year.” ”

Wynn Las Vegas has 28 tables reserved for a variety of cash games, including $1-$3 and $2-$5 No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO). Premier MUG at Begins at 9:00 AM, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, ending at 1:00 PM.

Top meet meets at Wynn Las Vegas as part of WPT® W...

KKariniausKKK will be crowned in Battle Royale on Winamax on Tuesday

KKariniausKKK will be crowned in Battle Royale on...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. A total of 24 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized throughout Tuesday in the French region, with 479,000 euros allocatedPrizes.

The winner of 2 bonus tournaments will receive over €8,000.

  • “KKariniausKKK” won the 200-euro Battle Royale and took home the biggest prize of the tournament during the day: €8,100. 54.
  • And ” Tyler- _-Rake” won 8€, 066. 09, thanks to his victory €250 HighRoller.

There were no primetime games yesterday.

KKariniausKKK will be crowned in Battle Royale on...

A Canadian club activates JackPot again; listen

Sinister Flush Mania Activates Canadian Club's Nea...

No player wants to lose a hand in poker, right? Now can you imagine yourself being inexplicably defeated and walking away with a million dollars? That’s what happened at Canada’s Playground Poker Club.

Like other clubs and casinos around the world, Bad Beat Jackpots promotions tend to pay out ridiculous amounts when activated, and that’s what happened again at Playground for the second time in two months .

In early August, a player lost $1.9 million from a four-flush to a straight flush, winning the largest jackpot in the story. The new crushing defeat occurred three days ago in a No Limit Hold’em CAD $1 / CAD $2 (Canadian Dollar) cash game.

The match occurred when five players went all-in at an eight-player table. . The flop comes and one of the players bets $15. The two players involved in the jackpot are Guy Sanschagrin and Siew Teh Haw. You called.

The turn is a plus-complete Player checked. The river came with a 1, Teh Haw bet $40, Sanschagrin went all-in, and the other players folded. Haw quickly called, showing his straight flush, but was surprised.

Guy Sanschagrin proposed a bigger pot. At this point, the party at the dinner table begins and the promotions begin. 1,344,069 Canadian dollars (988,824 US dollars) is distributed among the players at the table. Losers Siew Teh Haw emerged victorious.

He received approximately CAD$530,000 (40% of the amount), which translates to US$389,812 at current exchange rates. Guy Sanschagrin won C$265,000 (US$194,906), and the other six players at the table won C$44,000 (US$32,361) each.

The value of the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion in PlayGround Poker Club has been reset. The new total prize pool is just over $140,000, and Ace 4 remains the lowest hand for reactivation.

Sinister Flush Mania Activates Canadian Club's Nea...

“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

Even Suprema Poker’s daily straights are packed with hits. In another edition of the R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD, ‘PentaKiller’ won R$69,612 after putting 115 opponents to the sword.

The “Ship of the Year” in turn praised the winner of the R250$ Battle HR 250,000 GTD. As first place out of 1,270 entrants, he increased his bankroll to R$36,443.

At the Omaha tables, “HighProfit22” won the R$600 OmaX HR 60K GTD. By eliminating 137 players, he won R$21,164.

See more results

R$15 plus GTD 100,000 (10,984 copies)

1. Ranking – “Haxixee” R$ 17,969

R$ 550 Mini HighS (165 contestants)

1. Ranking – “EstivJaChXx” R$ 17,560

R$ 75 Mysterious 100K GTD (1,708 participants)

1. Ranking – “Eric7” R$ 11,531

“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

BSOP Iguazu: Andrés Read Finishes Fourth in Main Event

BSOP Iguazu: Andrés Read Finishes Fourth in Main E...

The main event of the BSOP Foz Do Iguaçu was confirmed on Tuesday, October 10, with Argentinian player Andres Read becoming one of the finalists. The tournament, which has 797 entrants, has a prize fund of R$3,000 ($593), with R$1.9 million ($376,158) distributed to the top 119 players.

Andres finished fourth and won R$115,000 (US$593). $22,767). In 2016, he finished fifth in the same event, winning 91,930 reais ($24,325). During his career, he earned $273,000 and ranks 92nd on Argentina’s all-time money list.

The winner was Guilherme Schreiber, who took home the trophy, bracelet and the largest prize of his career: R$ 301,300 (u$s 59,650).

The Main Event final table is defined as follows:

The final stop of the 2023 Brazilian Championship will be the BSOP Millions, taking place at the Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel in São Paulo from November 15 to 29, with guaranteed prize money for R$ 40 million.

BSOP Iguazu: Andrés Read Finishes Fourth in Main E...

Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

Yesterday, the regular PokerStars MTT was the main attraction for multi-table tournament players.

The Red Spades This room organized 7MTT with a pot of over €10,000, the prize is worth €120,000. For the second day in a row, none of these MTT matches ended with Spain winning.

In smaller regular tournaments La Roja won a total of 8 MTTs. These are the Spanish winners of Tuesday:

  1. “Jorgecarrral” (Bounty Generator €5).
  2. ” federico4137″ (PKO 1€).
  3. “RubenoMaria” (daily Omaha €10).
  4. “imludo” (Omaha H/L €10).
  5. “albertbofill04″ (Ultra KO €10). *”albertbofill04” (Ultra KO €10).
  6. “Fidelpizzero” (mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).
  7. ” rafillaMDMA” (Ultra KO €20). *”rafillaMDMA” (Ultra KO €20).
  8. “libelulusa” (PKO 1€).

The number of wins today was so small as the previous result was deleted from the PokerStars lobby at 3:45 PM.

Espanyol received 4Double and the balance sheet in HU Very negative for our team: 41st place vs.13Second place.

These are the results of Tuesday’s 5-figure pot regular tournament:

  1. fanatiknlh (PKO €10 6 Maximum number of participants. Prize pool: 1,208.61 €. Number of participants: 1,126. Prize pool: 10,134 €. Country: Ukraine).
  2. blefun1979 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,562.24. Number of games: 2,694. Prize pool: €24,246. Country: Moldova).
  3. Metsolan Erkki (Thunder €50. Prize pool: €4,147.90. Number of participants: 513. Prize pool: €23,085. Country: Finland).
  4. SayHelloToEs (Night) Stars €100. Prize pool: €2,836.98. Venue: 151. Venue: 151. Prize pool: €13,590. Country: Kazakhstan).
  5. ogbandana (Bounty generator €10. Prize pool: €1,461.06. Number of entries: €1,384. Number of entries: 1,384. Prize pool: €12,456. Country: Ukraine).
  6. vtmRN (Big Bang £50. Prize pool: £2,856.10. Number of entries: 315. Prize pool: €14,175. Country: Brazil).
  7. Cyrval (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,180.14. Number of Entrants: 2,541. Prize Pool: €22,869. Country: France).

Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

Insight’s charity assessment raises over R$ 2,000

Insight Charity Review and Great Poker Lessons Rai...

There’s something special happening on the screens of MundoTV on Tuesday. Members of the Insight Poker team, led by star player Lucio Lima, participated in a live charity event in partnership with Mundo Poker to raise funds for good causes. Three players reviewed a game and taught the audience a real lesson.

In addition to “WizardOffAz”, Caio Risério and Filipe Éverton also participated in the competition. Filipe’s own game was chosen for review: a SCOOP elimination match. The Insight trio shared all the key points of the competition with MundoTV viewers through a wealth of free materials and shared a variety of ideas, concepts and strategies with MundoTV viewers.

Of course, in addition to these important technical aspects, the most important thing is that the purpose of the live performance is to show unity. Insight’s charity review ended on a high note thanks to the support of SOS Fichas. As of the time of publication, 2,003.46 reais had been raised and $37 had been transferred from the online site.

Live The goal of the event is to raise funds to build homes for families living in one of the communities in the municipality of Bello, where living conditions are precarious in Horizonte, Minas Gerais. All this is done in partnership with TETO, which works with residents to build emergency shelters for people in this situation.

If you can’t follow the review live, you can still find and enjoy it via this link. Also remember, donations are still possible and any amount is welcome to help those in need. Donations can be made via Pix, by phone on 47 96922742 or by transfer via the website.

For the second option, just call the number above and ask for details. Every little bit helps.

Insight Charity Review and Great Poker Lessons Rai...

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