Battle between PokerOK rooms and Russian-language tournament funds intensifies

PokerOK vs. Fund: Community divided over poker con...

The conflict between the GGPoker PokerOK network’s Russian-language storefront and its backing funding continues. A few comments and perspectives have been added since the last one posted on this topic, but this does not provide any concrete clues about the future of the school representatives in the room. Many students’ accounts remain frozen or there is little chance of withdrawals. In addition, many regulators that do not cooperate with the funds have also been affected by the sanctions.

For those who don’t know much about the inner workings of the Poker Fund, founder Alexander BeHeartless explains Dream Team School. He noted that two types of such organizations exist in Western communities:

  • Coaching for Profit (CFP). There is a positive attitude towards such teams in the community. Because their actions are transparent and do not violate the technical and ethical rules of the industry.
  • Stables. There is literally a “stable” in fact. Usually played in large groups as a team, this is an absolute no-no in all rooms. Many Brazilian funds follow this approach.

In the Russian-speaking community these terms are usually not separated, since the second option is not used at all by default. If violations occurred, they were not systemic but related to specific poker players and reprimanded by other participants in the school. Therefore, the word “stability” itself does not have a negative connotation in the CIS countries as it does in the West.

It is worth noting that not all funds have the same attitude. While most school owners rallied to defend their interests, some prominent community figures were more willing to accept the PokerOK CEO’s terms immediately. In particular, the founder of the SV School, Artem Vezhenkov, decided to comply with the new rules, which caused public condemnation from other foundation colleagues. However, his position cannot be said to be illogical. Since change is inevitable, he believes it’s worth investing the time, not to sort out relationships but to balance the impact on students.

SV School founder Artem Vezhenkov accepted the conditions of PokerOK Room CEO

On April 3, Ivan Bryksin participated in a live broadcast organized by the AmigosBacking School. The meeting was attended by the heads and representatives of the largest “stable” in the Russian-speaking region. However, the CEO in the room immediately made it clear that he did not view the meeting as a negotiation and once again made his position public. No constructive dialogue took place: opponents reacted emotionally to mutual attacks, and the search for compromise ended virtually within the first minute of communication.

Representatives of the foundation once again stated that the wave of repression affected them. Only the Russian-speaking community enjoys a much higher prestige than the Brazilian “stable”. If there are accusations of gosting, softplay, timplay and other serious crimes, then we should start with Latin American schools. In this case, everything looks like a targeted fight against the plus-size regulars of the post-Soviet era.

In this regard, Ivan said that this work is not based on territoriality. If the goal is to eliminate the winning poker player, then the first to be eliminated will be the Belarusian representative team, with the losing player missing as a class. But PokerOK doesn’t do that. Additionally, regulars who don’t participate in the fund have nothing to worry about.

As for the Brazilians and other industry players who are not always innocent, the fight against them is being waged as part of the general. Activities of the GGPoker network.

After a brief argument, Ivan left the live broadcast, and the remaining participants were criticized by the audience for excessive behavior. It is worth noting that there is no consensus in society on this confrontation. Most poker players are concerned with the “stable” issue related to the strategy of the room itself, keeping in mind that if we believe the hypothesis of PokerOK CEO Ivan Bryksin, the game should gradually approach casino discipline.

It is this latter view that has attracted users of the English-language resource TwoPlusTwo, where owners of affected “stables” have posted threads about what is going on. But firstly, they are not sure whether Ivan has announced the strategy of the entire network, and secondly, the funds have not received the support of Western poker players. Perhaps it’s because these organizations are inherently chaotic in popular perception. However, the positive response to all resources, collected through contributions from third-party users, lays the core of the proposition: funding generates powerful players on an industrial scale. Competition has increased, keeping amateurs away. Apparently a large portion of the community agrees.

Eventually schools in other countries responded. Fedor Holz, GGPoker ambassador and founder of one of the largest foundations of modern poker, expressed concern about what is happening to the network’s Russian-language storefronts. “The vast majority of criminal organizations in the poker environment are ‘stables’ of some sort, but clearly not all ‘stables’ are invaders,” he wrote in a social media post.

Fedor Holtz – GGPoker ambassador and owner of a large “stable”

Another large school owner, Patrick Leonard, also responded to the situation. He points out that foundations are both important and dangerous to poker economics. They have been in close contact with various cosmic spaces for a long time, and have also provided them with transportation and security. The gradual deterioration of the average player’s own condition is the reason for the establishment of such schools. Especially in modern reality, reaching the top in MTT is almost impossible. Even in the financial situation, everything was quite difficult: Patrick admitted that he lost millions of dollars to Meikaps.

Patrick Leonard is the founder of one of the training foundations

Leonard knows that not all foundations operate with integrity. Sharing databases, voting, timing and reporting your hands in Dipras are all really relevant issues for online poker. To solve this problem, he suggested providing rooms with complete information about the school’s makeup so they can track interactions between students.There should also be some kind of regulator with full access to the internal “kitchen” of all funds.

On April 7, there were reports that PokerOK and GGPoker were preparing a joint statement. Its contents are not entirely clear. This may involve changes to the User Agreement. This is an internal document that is essentially “signed” by all players who join a specific room. If the rules of a room or all online storefronts change, this could give operators more control over poker players’ accounts. We will monitor developments closely and update our news feed.

PokerOK vs. Fund: Community divided over poker con...

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  • This text seems to be discussing a conflict within the GGPoker PokerOK network involving Russian-speaking players and funding issues. It mentions different perspectives and reactions from various players and school representatives. It also touches upon the difference between Coaching for Profit and Stables in the poker community, particularly in the Russian-speaking community. The text highlights the lack of consensus and heated emotions involved in the situation. Overall, it appears to be a complex and ongoing issue within the poker community.

  • Marquardt.henri

    This text seems to be discussing a conflict within the GGPoker PokerOK network, particularly focusing on the Russian-language storefront and its funding. It appears that there is disagreement and contention among the school representatives and other community figures involved in the network.

    The text mentions frozen student accounts, regulators affected by sanctions, and differing attitudes towards coaching for profit and stables within the poker community. It also discusses specific incidents involving school founders and their decisions to comply or not comply with new rules set by PokerOK.

    Overall, it seems like there is a lot of tension and disagreement within the community, with some individuals willing to accept changes and others vehemently opposing them. The text also touches on the impact on students and the reputation of different groups within the network.

    It seems like a complex and ongoing situation, with no clear resolution in sight. It appears that there are differing perspectives and conflicting interests at play, making it a challenging situation to navigate for all involved.

  • Rosario.nikolaus

    This text appears to be discussing a conflict between the GGPoker PokerOK network and its Russian-language storefront, particularly related to funding and frozen accounts. It also delves into the differences between Coaching for Profit and Stables in the poker community, with a specific focus on the Russian-speaking community. The text mentions some specific individuals and their reactions to the situation, as well as the lack of consensus among poker players on the issue. Overall, it seems like a complex and nuanced situation that is still evolving.

  • This text seems to discuss a conflict within the GGPoker PokerOK network involving Russian-speaking storefronts and funding issues. It mentions frozen student accounts and regulators affected by sanctions, as well as different perspectives on coaching organizations and stables in the poker community. There is also mention of a lack of consensus among poker players on the issue. Overall, the text appears to cover a complex and ongoing situation within the poker community.

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