BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos wins LAPT Main Event

BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos aims for heads-up comeb...

The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) is a historic event that returns in 2023 and aims to bring together the continent’s brightest stars. There are five stages throughout the year, with the final 2023 Main Event winner announced on Monday in another classic between Brazil and Argentina. Warmest greetings to Lucas Rigos from Paraná, who wrote his name in the history of the Championship.

Avid Athletico Paranaense fan known as “LRigos94” at the online poker tables and formerly of the 4Bet Poker team defeated 771 players in a LAPT tournament with a buy-in of BRL 7,500 contestants and become the champion after three days of competition. The result was a huge prize of R$792,000 and a beautiful trophy that Lucas Rigos can keep on his shelf.

The champion was ecstatic about his achievement and excited about the celebrations. Spectators’ victory: “I’m speechless, I didn’t notice. I rarely attend live events, I’m completely focused on online Events. I’ve only ever played in the WSOP Circuit and BSOP Millions in Las Vegas and at that event I had the opportunity to play in the LAPT and I couldn’t pass it up, it was so awesome. In my wildest dreams , I never expected to be able to crack the main event. It’s a ridiculous result, and it’s the crowning achievement of my career, realizing what’s going to change from here on out. Plus, it’s a huge success for me.

The champion entered the final day of the tournament with a stack of chips He came out on top and made it to the final table without any problems, always being one of the top players in the Main Event. At the start of the final table, he was only ahead of Kim de Sousa in chips.

However, He was fully prepared to win: “I didn’t try. ” and he knew I thought this might influence my decision. It was hard to fall asleep last night, but I tried my best and only got a few hours of sleep. I woke up, did my daily routine, went to the gym, and did it without thinking as usual Workout for the day. I wanted to put everything I learned into practice and I think I did a pretty good job. I won important pots which I think helped me a lot in staying on top, I won flips, The funds are also regulated, which is a must.”

At the final table, Rigos eliminated Keven Augusto, Yuri Rodriguez, Naresh Trivedi and finally Kim de Sousa finished third in the heads-up match, with Lucas leading Argentina’s Andres Reed 2-1 in chips.

Hermano A strong start led to a draw soon, which brought the mandatory chip deal to R$ 648,000 per ticket. Andres applied a lot of pressure and even had the championship in his hands as Lucas was shorthanded at one point in the showdown.

Lucas held on, drawing again and winning the most important hand of the tournament. A preflop all-in of 66 against Andrés’ AT nearly tied the pair, which was enough for the Argentinian to claim two big blinds as a 387QJ board guaranteed victory for the Brazilian.

Soon after, there were many screams. Amid chants of “Bico” from the 4Bet crowd, Lucas ended the game again with a preflop all-in on A8 on 629A5 against Andrés Read’s T6 and ran to embrace Brazil fan.

The invitation from friends of the 4Bet poker team did not go unnoticed, and the champion took the opportunity to express his gratitude to them: “This is the greatest poker team in the world. I have never heard of it Another one. I’ve been there for three years and my career has changed dramatically. That’s because of my investors, coaches, etc. The fans here are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. In addition, my friend and my wife also sent a message. “Support makes all the difference, especially when he heads up,” concluded champion Lucas Rigos, who will continue to compete in the BSOP Millions event. Continue your journey.

View the entire LAPT Main Event prize pool:

1. Lucas Rigos (Brazil) R$ 792,000 *

2. Andrés Reed (Argentina) R$ 648,000*

3. Kim de Sousa (Brazil) R$ 385,600

4. Naresh Trivied (Brazil) R$ 291,750

5. Yuri Rodriguez (Brazil) R$ 231,150

6. Bruno Borges (Brazil) ) R$174,770

7. Kevin Augusto (Brazil) R$125,520

8. Oscar Alache (Chile) R$85,750

9. Zeca Gelaite (Brazil) R$ 67,750

*Heads-up Agreement

BSOP Millions: Lucas Rigos aims for heads-up comeb...

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  • This text provides an overview of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) event in 2023 and highlights the achievements of Lucas Rigos, the champion of the main event. It describes his journey, from defeating 771 players to earning a significant prize of R$792,000 and a trophy.

    The text showcases Rigos’ excitement and surprise about winning the event, as well as his dedication to online poker. It also mentions his preparation for the final table and the important hands he won throughout the tournament.

    The text concludes by mentioning Rigos’ gratitude towards his friends, investors, coaches, and fans, as well as his plans to continue competing in other poker events.

    Overall, the text provides a detailed account of Lucas Rigos’ victory in the LAPT event and his appreciation for the support he received.

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    Based on the text, it appears to be an article or announcement about the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) returning in 2023. The text highlights the tournament stages, the final winner, and specific details about Lucas Rigos from Paraná, Brazil, who emerged as the champion after defeating 771 players. The article also mentions the prize money, trophy, and the excitement and gratitude expressed by Lucas Rigos. It concludes by providing a list of the prize pool breakdown for the top six players. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the LAPT event and the achievements of the champion.

  • This text provides a detailed and exciting account of Lucas Rigos’ victory at the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Main Event in 2023. It highlights his journey to becoming the champion, including his strategy, mindset, and key moments throughout the tournament. The text captures the intensity and drama of the final table, showcasing Rigos’ skill and determination in overcoming tough opponents to claim the title. It also emphasizes the support he received from his poker team, friends, and family, adding a personal touch to his achievement. Overall, the text effectively conveys the excitement and significance of Rigos’ victory in the LAPT Main Event.

  • This text provides a detailed and enthusiastic account of Lucas Rigos’ victory at the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Main Event in 2023. It describes the event, Rigos’ journey to victory, and the excitement of the final table. The text captures the emotions and strategies of the players involved, as well as the support and camaraderie among the poker community. Overall, it paints a vivid picture of the intense and rewarding experience of competitive poker at a high level.

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