BSOP Millions: Luis Abdo is High Roller Champion

Luis Abdo beats “lipe piv” heads-up to win BSOP Mi...

The largest high roller event in BSOP Millions history is the final event. The final day of play went on for a long time, and as the lights went down in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at the World Trade Center, Luis Abdo, a grinder on the Midas Poker Team who goes by PokerStars “Blogods”, he is the man who calls live broadcasts to take away millionaires.

Wearing the Corinthians jersey, Louis Abdo, his core team, fought hard in the fierce competition of 437 participants to win the historic event and make history. By doing so, he turned his massive buy-in investment of R$15,000 into a R$1,000,000 bonus.

The champion was very satisfied with his victory and said: “This is me.” Very happy. I know how tough this field can be. I beat Poker Coach Piv. In the last hand we were a little cold, which is normal. I’m so happy and grateful to everyone who was with me. It was the best year of my career, I won scoops and stuff and this trophy crowns the year. No words, shell field, marathon. I kept playing from the beginning and we ended up winning. ” he said.

As the days go by, Louis meets poker players who are truly “the best”, making his victories even greater. At some point, he must Adjust your game heavily against these opponents and use a good strategy:

“I avoid making big pots, I play more. That’s an important line. “For me, I wanted to live as long as possible. I played two days with Heretics and played with good players. I ended up losing on the first day, but from the second day onwards everything went well and I qualified Yes.” he said.

With nearly the entire cast coming from the Midas Poker team, Luis was part of a team he has been playing for for five years, defeating Keizer, Leandro Bianchini, Strong players such as Rafael Daria, Jose Bazo, Vitor Lopez, Casio Keirs, Elias Neto, etc. finally defeated Felipe Boyanov Ski, who is looking to double his big bet in winning the Super Edition.

Talking about the Midas Poker team, Luis immediately thanked everyone: “I’ve been here for five years. I had lunch with Dan and he asked me to keep the Midas Iron. I promised I would get it . “I entered the $2 tournament and made great progress. I have to thank them all for their support, Dan, Taradinho, CF, Ramon and his colleagues, I thank them all for that. ”

After all, the new Brazilian poker millionaire is already thinking about 2024 and will participate more in live events: “There are many online series, but now that I have won this championship, Maybe a live game would interest me more. “I will work hard next year as this is my first time playing live tables. I am more focused on playing online and doing well,” said the BSOP Millions High Roller Champion.

View the entire prize pool:

1. – Luis Abdo – R$ 1,000,000

2. – Felipe Boianovsky – R$ 730,000

3. – Elias Neto – R$ 520,000

4. – Cassio Keirs – R$ 389,000

5. Place – Vitor Lopes – R$ 305,000

Sixth place. Location – José Lucas Pianaro Bazo – R$ 238,000

7. Location – Rafael D’Auria – R$ 179,000

8. Ranking – Leandro Bianchini – R$ 127,550

Ninth place. Place – Felipe Ketzer – R$ 102,000

Luis Abdo beats “lipe piv” heads-up to win BSOP Mi...

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  • This text is a news report about Luis Abdo, who won the largest high roller event in BSOP Millions history and turned his buy-in of R$15,000 into a R$1,000,000 bonus. Abdo expresses his satisfaction with his victory and credits his success to his team and strategic gameplay.

  • This text discusses the historic victory of Luis Abdo in the largest high roller event in BSOP Millions history. Abdo turned his R$15,000 buy-in into a R$1,000,000 bonus and expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for the support of his team. He also mentioned his plans to participate more in live events and focus on playing online.

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