Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

Yesterday, the regular PokerStars MTT was the main attraction for multi-table tournament players.

The Red Spades This room organized 7MTT with a pot of over €10,000, the prize is worth €120,000. For the second day in a row, none of these MTT matches ended with Spain winning.

In smaller regular tournaments La Roja won a total of 8 MTTs. These are the Spanish winners of Tuesday:

  1. “Jorgecarrral” (Bounty Generator €5).
  2. ” federico4137″ (PKO 1€).
  3. “RubenoMaria” (daily Omaha €10).
  4. “imludo” (Omaha H/L €10).
  5. “albertbofill04″ (Ultra KO €10). *”albertbofill04” (Ultra KO €10).
  6. “Fidelpizzero” (mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).
  7. ” rafillaMDMA” (Ultra KO €20). *”rafillaMDMA” (Ultra KO €20).
  8. “libelulusa” (PKO 1€).

The number of wins today was so small as the previous result was deleted from the PokerStars lobby at 3:45 PM.

Espanyol received 4Double and the balance sheet in HU Very negative for our team: 41st place vs.13Second place.

These are the results of Tuesday’s 5-figure pot regular tournament:

  1. fanatiknlh (PKO €10 6 Maximum number of participants. Prize pool: 1,208.61 €. Number of participants: 1,126. Prize pool: 10,134 €. Country: Ukraine).
  2. blefun1979 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,562.24. Number of games: 2,694. Prize pool: €24,246. Country: Moldova).
  3. Metsolan Erkki (Thunder €50. Prize pool: €4,147.90. Number of participants: 513. Prize pool: €23,085. Country: Finland).
  4. SayHelloToEs (Night) Stars €100. Prize pool: €2,836.98. Venue: 151. Venue: 151. Prize pool: €13,590. Country: Kazakhstan).
  5. ogbandana (Bounty generator €10. Prize pool: €1,461.06. Number of entries: €1,384. Number of entries: 1,384. Prize pool: €12,456. Country: Ukraine).
  6. vtmRN (Big Bang £50. Prize pool: £2,856.10. Number of entries: 315. Prize pool: €14,175. Country: Brazil).
  7. Cyrval (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,180.14. Number of Entrants: 2,541. Prize Pool: €22,869. Country: France).

Day two of regular MTT drought on PokerStars Spain

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  • This text provides information about the PokerStars MTT tournaments and the winners from various countries, including Spain, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and France. It also mentions that Spain did not win any matches in the main attraction tournament for two consecutive days, and provides the prize pools and number of participants for each tournament.

  • Margarita.lebsack

    This text provides information about the results of various PokerStars MTTs, including the winners from different countries and the prize pools involved. It also mentions the performance of Spanish players in smaller tournaments and the negative result of the Spanish team in a HU match.

  • Princess.aufderhar

    This text provides detailed information about the results of various PokerStars multi-table tournaments, highlighting Spanish winners as well as players from other countries. It also mentions the lack of success for the Spanish team in a specific tournament. Overall, it appears to be a comprehensive overview of the recent MTT activity on the platform.

  • This text provides an overview of the results of the PokerStars MTT tournaments, highlighting the Spanish winners and their success in smaller regular tournaments. The text also includes details on the prize pools and participants from various countries, showcasing the international scope of the competition.

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