Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP Foz Main Event and takes home R$301,000

Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP...

Guilherme Schreiber’s first win in the BSOP Main Event wasn’t hampered by a bad beat. He led most of the event in Iguazu, Paraná, before winning the coveted silver bracelet. While the winner received R$ 301,300 in heads-up prize money, Celso Sirtoli took home R$ 268,700 for second place.

In the first hand of the FT, Guilherme was aggressive but still managed to distance himself. from his rivals, but Diego Melo soon appeared in his rearview mirror. Holding A♠A♦, he immediately called Eduardo Dantas’ 3-bet all-in, with K♥Q♥ dominating. The 4♦4♠6♠2♣5♠ board didn’t save the Insight Team grinder, who fell by the wayside.

A few moves later, WSOP champion Gabriel Schroeder left the tournament. In a flip of K♥Q♥ against Guilherme’s 9 9 ♣, the man from Santa Catarina couldn’t find any outs on the 2 ♠4 ♦8 ♠3 ♥ 2 board.

More and more things are happening. Often seen on top, Guilherme was involved in another preflop all-in. While Paraguayan Juan Pablo Airaldi had K♥K™, he needed A™10™ to create a miracle. 4 2 ♥ 10 3 9 ¡ The board gave Erardi a straight flush and he avoided elimination.

In hand 6, Guilherme broke his pair of aces when Diego Melo hit a straight. Showing no sign of letting up, he continued to irritate his opponent and took a 2-1 lead in heads-up play.

Celso’s turnaround was swift. On the first hand of the duel, he played K♠K♦ and made a 4-bet all-in. Guilherme called and showed A ГQ♥. J♥3♥6♥5♠4♣ The hand did not surprise Guilherme, who doubled his stack.

Shortly afterwards, the tournament was paused to discuss the trade. Within minutes, they came to an agreement and started playing the game for 57,000 reais. Even looser, Guilherme regained the lead and never looked back.

On the final hand, after the flop of K 3♠4♠, Celso checked-raised all-in for 16 BBS. Guilherme immediately called and revealed K♥3♥. With J♥3♣, Celso was eliminated after the dealer turned Q♠.

By registering 797 entrants in the Main Event at R$3,000, the BSOP exceeded the R$1.5 million guarantee and cashed in USD of R1,882,720 in price. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Guilherme Schreiber (Brazil) BRL 301,300

2. Celso Sirtoli (Brazil) BRL 268,700

3. Gabriela Belisário (Brazil) BRL 153,000

4. Andrés Reed (Argentina) 115,000 reals

5. Diego Melo (Brazil) 90,000 reais

6. Juan Pablo Erardi (Paraguay) R$68,000

7. Anderson Suarez (Brazil) 48,300 BRL

8. Gabriel Schroeder (Brazil) 33,500 BRL

9. Eduardo Dantas (Brazil) R$ 26,500

Guilherme Schreiber appears at FT Gala, wins BSOP...

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  • This text describes Guilherme Schreibers’ victory in the BSOP Main Event, highlighting his successful performance throughout the tournament. The author also mentions the prize money awarded to the top finishers and the number of entrants in the event.

  • The text describes Guilherme Schreiber’s successful performance in the BSOP Main Event, where he emerged victorious and took home a significant prize. The tournament attracted a large number of entrants and surpassed the initial prize guarantee.

  • The text discusses Guilherme Schreiber winning the BSOP Main Event and the intense hands played during the tournament. The finalists received significant prize money, with Schreiber taking home R$ 301,300 for his victory.

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