Insight’s charity assessment raises over R$ 2,000

Insight Charity Review and Great Poker Lessons Rai...

There’s something special happening on the screens of MundoTV on Tuesday. Members of the Insight Poker team, led by star player Lucio Lima, participated in a live charity event in partnership with Mundo Poker to raise funds for good causes. Three players reviewed a game and taught the audience a real lesson.

In addition to “WizardOffAz”, Caio Risério and Filipe Éverton also participated in the competition. Filipe’s own game was chosen for review: a SCOOP elimination match. The Insight trio shared all the key points of the competition with MundoTV viewers through a wealth of free materials and shared a variety of ideas, concepts and strategies with MundoTV viewers.

Of course, in addition to these important technical aspects, the most important thing is that the purpose of the live performance is to show unity. Insight’s charity review ended on a high note thanks to the support of SOS Fichas. As of the time of publication, 2,003.46 reais had been raised and $37 had been transferred from the online site.

Live The goal of the event is to raise funds to build homes for families living in one of the communities in the municipality of Bello, where living conditions are precarious in Horizonte, Minas Gerais. All this is done in partnership with TETO, which works with residents to build emergency shelters for people in this situation.

If you can’t follow the review live, you can still find and enjoy it via this link. Also remember, donations are still possible and any amount is welcome to help those in need. Donations can be made via Pix, by phone on 47 96922742 or by transfer via the website.

For the second option, just call the number above and ask for details. Every little bit helps.

Insight Charity Review and Great Poker Lessons Rai...

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  • Florian.howell

    This text highlights a special charity event organized by Insight Poker and Mundo Poker, where the Insight team reviewed a game to raise funds for building homes in a community in Bello, Minas Gerais. The event aims to show unity and support for those in need, and donations are still possible for this noble cause.

  • This text highlights a live charity event organized by the Insight Poker team in partnership with Mundo Poker to raise funds for good causes. The event showcased the expertise of the team members and aimed to unite viewers for a noble cause of building homes for families in need.

  • I think it’s a great initiative for the Insight Poker team to participate in a charity event to raise funds for families in need. It’s commendable that they are using their platform to make a positive impact in the community and sharing their skills and knowledge for a good cause.

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