KKPoker is making changes to make $10,000 freerolls more accessible

KKPoker is making changes to make $10,000 freeroll...

Since its launch, the $10,000 freeroll series has been shaking up the KKPoker tables, offering compelling opportunities, especially for those looking to establish balance in the platform’s biggest tournaments.

The first challenge isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either: play 20 freerolls and collect at least 12 ITMs to win $10,000. In practice, however, the task turned out to be more challenging than expected. After 16 games, the ITM limit a player can reach is only 5, making it impossible to reach the required 12 ITMs.

To increase the chances for all participants, KKPoker has decided to add 7 more events to the series, bringing the total number of freerolls to 27. So there are still 11 games to play.

In addition, KKPoker also decided to lower the requirements for receiving series bonuses. Now get $10,000 safe in your account with just 10 ITMs.

Show new prize pool:

10 ITM = $10,000

7 ITM = $1,000

4 ITM = $100

1 ITM = $10

KKPoker is making changes to make $10,000 freeroll...

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  • I think the text is discussing a freeroll series on the KKPoker tables that offers opportunities to win cash prizes. Initially, the challenge seemed difficult to achieve, but due to players not reaching the required number of In The Money (ITM) finishes, KKPoker decided to add more events and lower the requirements for receiving series bonuses to increase participants’ chances of winning.

  • Antonina.schumm

    This text describes the $10,000 freeroll series on KKPoker, where players need to collect a certain number of “In the Money” finishes (ITMs) to win cash prizes. The initial challenge was difficult due to the limited number of ITMs achievable, but KKPoker has now added more events and lowered the requirements to make it easier for players to receive the series bonuses.

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