KSOP SA: Mysterious Monster KO 6-Max No Guarantee

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mystery Monster KO 6-Max Beats gu...

The last major multi-day tournament to close registration at KSOP GGPoker South America ended the way the series should: by exceeding the guaranteed amount. The Mysterious Monster KO 6-Max has been very popular with players and looks set to be another big winner for players as prize money has already crossed the R$3 million mark.

The results of the final qualifying round, Day 1D, took place on Tuesday afternoon. The R$3,000 buy-in Mystery Monster KO 6-Max saw 1,021 entries and a total prize pool of R$3,063,000, exceeding the guaranteed amount.

In the final installment of the series, Mysterious Monsters will be giving away another huge bonus to the winner – as well as the chance for players to walk away with a more complete account without actually reaching the sprint stage. . Management has announced the prize money for the tournament, with the overall winner receiving a whopping R$300,000.

ITM starts at position 119. Those who reach this area will receive a prize of R$ 4,000 and are entitled to a knockout envelope that will be opened subsequently. The largest prizes in the envelope are one each of R$ 250,000 and R$ 100,000. A total of 218 runners qualified for Day 2.

Several outstanding players qualified for Day 2, including Carlos Serrano, Eduardo Kalil, Marcelo Giordano, João Leão, Yuri Martins Gama, Jonathan Wolter, Dieferson Montrezol and Alex Bez. João Rech leads the way with 1,710,000 chips. The tournament continues today with blinds at 10,000/15,000 and the big decision will be made tomorrow.

View prize pool:

1. – 300,000 reals2nd place – R$210,0003rd Place – 132,000 BRL4th place – BRL 84,3005. – 57,000 reais6th place – 42,000 BRL7th place – R$ 31,6008th and 9th place – R$ 24,20010th and 11th place – R$ 20,20012th to 14th place – BRL 16,50015th to 17th – R$ 14,20018th to 20th – R$ 12,10021st to 23rd – R$ 10,30024th to 29th – R$ 8,80030th to 35th – BRL 7,60036th to 41st – BRL 6,50042nd to 53rd – BRL 5,70054th to 65th – R$ 5,10066th to 77th – BRL 4,60078th to 101st – R$ 4,200102nd to 119th – R$ 4,000

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mystery Monster KO 6-Max Beats gu...

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  • Friesen.mustafa

    This text provides an overview of the successful Mysterious Monster KO 6-Max tournament at KSOP GGPoker South America, which exceeded its guaranteed prize pool. The event attracted many players and is set to award a significant prize to the overall winner, with other payouts for various positions. The tournament will continue with Day 2 and the final decision will be made soon.

  • I think the text provides a detailed overview of the recent KSOP GGPoker South America tournament, showcasing the popularity and success of the Mysterious Monster KO 6-Max event. With a prize pool exceeding R$3 million and impressive payouts for top finishers, it’s clear that this tournament has attracted a strong field of players and generated excitement among participants.

  • Marguerite.feil

    It sounds like the Mysterious Monster KO 6-Max tournament at KSOP GGPoker South America has been a huge success, with a prize pool exceeding expectations. The final installment of the series promises big prizes for the top finishers and has attracted top players to compete for the title.

  • I think this text is reporting on a successful poker tournament in South America, where the prize pool exceeded expectations. It seems like the tournament had a high level of competition, with some well-known players advancing to Day 2. The prize money distribution for the top finishers is also outlined in detail.

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