Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Championship at EPT Monte Carlo

Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Ch...

EPT Monte Carlo The first day of the €25,000 High Roller Event was a huge success, attracting 229 participants. The event’s current prize pool is €5,498,290, nearly €500,000 more than last year’s total. Registration will remain open until the start of the next day. Therefore, it is expected that the number of participants will increase and they will start Day 2 with over 30 big blinds. Among them is Kun Agüero, a member of the illustrious Aramada Latina.

Out of 229 participants, 112 players advanced to the next round, includingMaher NouiraThe player from Tunisia leads the way with 362,000 chips, followed by EstoniaHenri Kasper(290,000) and Germany’sChristopher Putz(267,000).

Maher Nouira leads the way on day two.

On the other hand, the Latin fleet was quite full. Our best player is Mauricio Salazar, who is in 14th place with 193,500 chips. Online poker top ten player Ramiro Petrone is also ranked 35th with 137,500 points, while Miguel Capriles is ranked 49th with 108,000 points

Also One great grinder was Argentinian football legend Kun Agüero, who managed to advance to day two with 80,500 chips despite two attempts.

That includes Latinos who tried but failed. Promoted to Day 2 are Nacho Barbero and Adolfo Vaeza, although both still have a chance to return.

The remaining 112 players return to Sporting Lisbon for Day 2, which will take place this Friday at 12 noon local time in Monte Carlo and is expected to feature at least 10 levels of 60 minutes each. Players will enter level 11 with blinds of 1,000/1,500 and a BB of 1,500. The total prize pool and winnings will be confirmed after registration closes.

EPT Monte Carlo – High Roller

Buy-in: 25,000 €

Number of Entrants: 229 (registration open)

Pot : €5,498,290

Blinds: 1K/1,500 and BB 1,500 ante.

Average Chip Size: 102,232

Next Price:Registration Still Open

Top 10 Chips

1° Maher Nouira – 362,0002. Henry Casper – 290,0003° Christopher Putz – 267,0004° Vladislav Martinenko – 245,5005° Matthias Lipp – 235,0006° Daniel Rezai – 233,5007° Cesar Garcia – 220,0008° Bert Stevens – 206,5009° John Ducey – 201,00010. Mike Watson – 201,000

Kun Agüero is vying for the €25,000 High Roller Ch...

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  • The text provides a detailed overview of the EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 High Roller Event, including the number of participants, prize pool, and top chip leaders. It also highlights notable players like Kun Agüero and provides information on the schedule and format for Day 2.

  • This text provides an overview of the initial success of the €25,000 High Roller Event at EPT Monte Carlo, with 229 participants and a prize pool of over €5.4 million. Maher Nouira leads in chips, while notable players like Kun Agüero and Mauricio Salazar are also highlighted. The remaining 112 players will compete in Day 2, with blinds increasing to 1,000/1,500.

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    The text provides a detailed overview of the first day of the €25,000 High Roller Event at EPT Monte Carlo, highlighting the increase in participants and prize pool compared to the previous year. It also mentions notable players such as Maher Nouira and Kun Agüero, setting the stage for an exciting second day of play.

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