Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Prague

Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Pr...

Pablo Brito had a very promising start at EPT Prague. In Event 4: €10,200 NL Hold’em, the Bahian pro was just a few eliminations away from winning the first Silver Sword of his career. He finished third out of 35 entrants and won €52,600, approximately R$278,000.

Pablo is the protagonist of the ITM Bubble Tournament. On an A·K♣ flop against Robbie Toan’s J♣J♥, he found one of his outs on the K·6♠5♣6·2♥ board and was eliminated. The Irish. Just two moves later, in another preflop all-in, the 9tales player defeated Dimitar Danchev with A 10 ♣ against A ♥ 6 to secure his top spot on the stage.

Im Next level Pablo also attacked Yulian Bogdanov’s chips. According to PokerNews, the Bulgarian raised to 25,000 at the start of the match. To his left, Pablo then raised to 55,000. Bogdanov went all-in again for 193,000, about 16 BBS. Pablo decided to call and showed 9♣9♠. Bogdanov was dominated by A♥K♠ and went on to lose the game on a Q 8♠6♥4♣5♥ board.

Unable to keep up the pace, Pablo gradually distanced himself from his opponent until he failed on the side of the road. In his farewell match, he defeated A-Ko 9-9. K♥5♠9♣A♦5♥ The board confirmed the win for Michel Molenaar, who advanced to heads-up.

Meanwhile, Molenaar saw a poor shot prevent him from winning. Playing Q НQ against Tamás Ádámszki’s A ♥ 9, he got caught on the edge 2 ♥ 8 ə 7 ♥ A ♣ 2 ♣ and saw the Hungarian gain the upper hand.

Ádámszki took control and acted without looking back until he won an unprecedented championship.

Final results

1. Tamas Adamszki (Hungary) €117,150

2. Michel Molenaar (Netherlands) €76,400

3. Pablo Brito (Brazil) €52,600

4. Deividas Daubaris (Lithuania) €39,050

5. Niklas Astedt (Sweden) €30,550

6. Yulian Bogdanov (Bulgaria) €23,750

Pablo Brito takes the High Roller podium at EPT Pr...

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  • Rodolfo.dubuque

    This text describes Pablo Brito’s performance in a poker tournament where he finished third and won a prize of €52,600. It provides details of some key hands and his ultimate elimination from the tournament.

  • Corwin.alanna

    This text describes Pablo Brito’s performance at the EPT Prague poker tournament, where he had a strong start but ultimately finished third. He won a significant cash prize and faced elimination in several rounds of the competition.

  • Pablo Brito had a strong showing at EPT Prague, finishing third and winning €52,600. Despite some close calls, he ultimately fell short of securing his first Silver Sword.

  • Pablo Brito had a successful run at EPT Prague, finishing third in Event 4. Despite coming close to victory, he ultimately fell short and finished in third place, earning €52,600.

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