Pedro Padilha achieves great success with two podium finishes on GGPoker

Pedro Padilha achieves great success with two podi...

On Thursday the 8th, grinders across the country returned to GGPoker for another busy tournament to compete for the top spot. The St. Paul pro went heads-up for $24,199 in Thursday’s $1,050 Throwdown HR event.

Padilha didn’t stop there. In the 5,500 yen 6-a-side High Roller for the APL series, he blew the championship’s horn and once again won 97,835 yen for an average payout of $13,593.

In the $150 Thursday craps competition, Rafael “riskgambler” Furlanetto won the gold medal and $24,903 in prize money.

Also in the APL series, in the 800 yen 6-Max Hold’em event, Emanuel Maluf advanced and won 65,057 yen, approximately $9,857 USD. 456 participants took part in the tournament.

In the $215 Bounty Hunter Contest, Bruno “Depaulainspt” Jardim (second place) and Murilo Milhomem (fourth place) took home $6,180 and $5,149 respectively. Check out the other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeGGMasters Bounty Warm-up $25 “bbpedro22” 1st $8,040 High Roller Post-race $525 Ettore Cesco 1st $7,607 Bounty Hunter Special $150 Lucas Silva 1st $7,467 GGMasters Classic $25 Fabio De Castro 1st $6,943Bounty King Jr $32.10 “Single Leg” 1. $6,870 APL Series: ¥388 Zodiac Main Event Lucas Portella3

Pedro Padilha achieves great success with two podi...

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  • Natalie.murazik

    This text highlights the success of various grinders in recent GGPoker tournaments, with notable wins including Rafael “riskgambler” Furlanetto taking home $24,903, and Bruno “Depaulainspt” Jardim and Murilo Milhomem earning $6,180 and $5,149 respectively. Other players also had impressive victories in different events, showcasing the competitiveness and skill level in the tournament scene.

  • This text highlights the success of various players in different poker tournaments, showcasing their winnings and achievements. It shows that there is a competitive and thriving poker community, with impressive prize money and skillful players participating.

  • Hobart.ankunding

    This text highlights the success of several professional poker players in various tournaments, showcasing their earnings and positions. It provides a glimpse into the competitive world of online poker and the prizes that players can win.

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