Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

Ace Pedro Padilha spent over an hour at the GGPoker tables in his third GGMillion$ FT of the season. The St. Paul native was eliminated in six-man action and earned $78,276.

Padilha entered the finals with 45 BBS, third in chips. In the first few minutes, he saw Jans Arends take down two big pots and take the lead. In K♠K♥ against Q♥Q♣, the Dutchman didn’t let the board surprise him, sending home “Clickworko 2♥6♥7♦7♠7♥”.

Leonard Maue, on the other hand, was not so lucky with a pair of kings. He had 25 BBS and was involved in a preflop all-in against Juan Pardo. Leading with J♣J♥, the Spaniard found the Jack and declared another elimination.

A few moves later, Padilla received Q♥Q♠ and tripled directly from UTG+1. The eliminated “Tedwina Slowsby” didn’t think much and pushed the chip to the middle of the table. While the initial attacker, Johannes Straver, quickly folded his A♣J♥, Padilha thought long and hard before announcing the fold, thus avoiding “Tedwina Slowsby”‘s K♥K♠.

The smallest stack is now on the table and Padilha manages to double his stack on the next hand. With A♥9♣, he hit two pairs on the table, 7♥6♣9♠2CheckA♣, and called Pardo’s bet with A♠2♠.

In the next division, “Tedwina” Slosby was “eliminated from the championship game.” To say goodbye, he risked 12 BBS and declared an all-in 3-bet. Back in the game, Arends called and presented A 9♥. For K♥J♥, players living in Mexico were not saved by the 2♥Q♠A♠9♣Q♥ board.

The next elimination will be coming soon. When two short stacks met, Padilha won and lost all his chips. Here’s what happened:

With blinds at 30,000/60,000 and an ante of 7,500, Thomas “Karma is a Cat” Boivin raised to 138,000 straight from UTG. The Padilha subsequently increased to 600,000, leaving 292,882 people. Boivin responded to a 4-bet all-in and was called by the Brazilian. When A♥K came up against K♠K♣, Padilha had no chance on the board with 9♣10♥2♣8♥J♠.

Boivin, Padilha’s tormentor, enters the heads-up match. When he was no match for Arends. See the final results:

1. Jans Arends (Netherlands) $269,458

2. Thomas “Karma is a Cat” Boivin (Belgium) $210,435

3. Elior “SuperSolid” Sion (UK) $164,341

4. Johannes Straver (Netherlands) $128,343

5. Juan Pardo (Spain) $100,231

6. Pedro Padilha (Brazil) $78,276

7. “Tedwina Slowsby” (Mexico) $61,130

8. Leonard Maue (Germany) $47,740

9. “Clickwork” (Austria) $37,282

Pedro Padilha finished sixth in GGMillion$

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  • The text is a report on a poker tournament, specifically the GGMillion$ FT. It provides details on the players, their actions, and the results of the tournament.

  • This text is a summary of a poker tournament where Ace Pedro Padilha participated. He made it to the final table but was eventually eliminated in sixth place, earning $78,276. The tournament was won by Jans Arends from the Netherlands.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Ace Pedro Padilha’s performance at a GGPoker tournament, ultimately finishing in sixth place. Despite some ups and downs, Padilha managed to triple his stack and navigate through tough competition before being eliminated in a hand against Thomas “Karma is a Cat” Boivin.

  • Jackie.mccullough

    The text provides a detailed account of Ace Pedro Padilha’s performance at the GGMillion$ FT, ultimately finishing in 6th place. Despite some ups and downs, Padilha managed to secure a respectable cash prize.

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