“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

Even Suprema Poker’s daily straights are packed with hits. In another edition of the R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD, ‘PentaKiller’ won R$69,612 after putting 115 opponents to the sword.

The “Ship of the Year” in turn praised the winner of the R250$ Battle HR 250,000 GTD. As first place out of 1,270 entrants, he increased his bankroll to R$36,443.

At the Omaha tables, “HighProfit22” won the R$600 OmaX HR 60K GTD. By eliminating 137 players, he won R$21,164.

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R$15 plus GTD 100,000 (10,984 copies)

1. Ranking – “Haxixee” R$ 17,969

R$ 550 Mini HighS (165 contestants)

1. Ranking – “EstivJaChXx” R$ 17,560

R$ 75 Mysterious 100K GTD (1,708 participants)

1. Ranking – “Eric7” R$ 11,531

“PentaKiller” wins HighS title at Suprema

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