protocol? Alex and Kristen Fox responded with this one.

protocol? Alex and Kristen Fox responded with this...

The most famous romantic couple in poker today is undoubtedly Alex Foxen and Kristen Foxen. However, it turns out that love can be put aside when you’re risking your life in a tournament.

American and Canadians are two of the most prominent professionals since. They are both players and married, they tend to play in the same games. This raises questions about possible collusion between the two men when they sat at the same table. But those doubts seemed to be put to rest during a recent PokerGO event.

Kristen Foxen just won the PokerGo Tour.

Just this week, Kristen won Event #5: $10,100 No-Limit Hold’em in the 2024 PGT Kickoff defeating Daniel Negreanu After. Before that happens, however, he must endure a final table showdown that is sure to be a topic of discussion at the next family dinner.

With only five players remaining, a hand was dealt to the Canadian who flopped her pair into three pair for the winDestroyed her husband’s pair of Aces.

“We’re even.”

Foxen on Foxen violence leads to @WAFoxen starting 5th from PGT eliminated at the final table.

He has operating income of $40,000.

📺 – Watch live here:

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) January 16, 2024

In the end, the American won the fifth place with a prize of $40,000, while the lady won the fifth place. Foxen managed to take a photo with the Championand his $165,000.

This is perhaps the most important thing. This is certainly not the only direct confrontation a couple has experienced so far. Both are among the best professionals working today and will provide many more such moments in the future.

protocol? Alex and Kristen Fox responded with this...

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  • This text discusses the famous romantic couple in poker, Alex and Kristen Foxen, and raises questions about collusion between them when playing at the same table. However, Kristen’s recent win in the PokerGo Tour suggests that these doubts have been put to rest. The article highlights their success as professionals and suggests there will be more exciting moments from the couple in the future.

  • This text discusses the romantic and professional relationship between poker players Alex and Kristen Foxen, raising questions about collusion between the couple. However, their recent PokerGo event seems to have put those doubts to rest, as Kristen Foxen won the tournament while Alex finished in fifth place.

  • I think the text discusses the dynamics of a married couple, Alex Foxen and Kristen Foxen, who are both professional poker players. Despite potential concerns of collusion, Kristen recently defeated Daniel Negreanu in a PokerGo event, showcasing their individual skills and competitiveness within the game.

  • The text highlights the competitive nature of the relationship between Alex and Kristen Foxen, who are both successful professional poker players. Despite being married, they are able to put their love aside and compete against each other, showcasing their skill and talent in the game.

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