Registration is now open for PokerStars’ tournament of the week, Monster 50

Registration is now open for PokerStars’ tournamen...

Yesterday, PokerStars‘s regular tournament had a big attraction: Day 1 of Monster 50: €50 NLHE PKO 6-Max, €400,000 GTD. The competition has a 3-day structure, and registration is open until the start of Day 2 this afternoon into the evening. With 12,373 people signed up to date (8,335 solo players and 4,038 re-entrants), the provisional prize pool has far exceeded the guaranteed starting price of €556,785 . A great tournament awaits us.

On the other hand, the finalevents of the Galaxy Series After Parties will take place on Friday and Saturday. “Macuilxochitl7” took home a victory for Roja at the GS AfterParty Bounty Planet on Friday, taking home €1,568.63. Saturday saw Spain’s three wins. “chinchon40” won the GS AfterParty Stellar Stack and received €4,295.57. “chekpushturn” defeated “iñigoto17”, also from Spain, in the GS AfterParty Royal Rumble at HU for €2,191.67. There was also a double in the GS AfterParty Mass SuperStack: “rufo_corti” earned €1,582.82 after beating “howdiehoe” at HU.

There were 7 jackpots over €10,000 in the regular Sunday tournament, but none of them were won by our players. Our Portuguese brothers came out on top with three wins in the Classic, Bounty Night and Sunday High Roller, with Portuguese ‘Jamesatom taking home the day’s top prize : 6,444.50 €.

La Roja won a total of 14 MTT wins in regular mini-tournaments. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “Porkerizarra” (PKO €10). *.
  2. “fortea88” (SuperStack €10) ).
  3. “ggtemplado” (PKO €3).
  4. “Ignatius20″ (PKO €20). *”Ignatius20” (PKO 20€).
  5. “mateje50” (SuperStack 5€).
  6. “Gabriel97206” (Ultra KO €20).
  7. “EnzoZf” (bounty generator 5€).
  8. “stiwy69″ (SuperStack €5). *”stiwy69” (SuperStack €5).
  9. “Green1223” (8 games).
  10. “testaferro28” (Omaha H/L €10).
  11. “joprara” (Ultra KO €10).
  12. “fede107af” (Midnight Express £20).
  13. “dsego77″ (PKO 5€). *”dsego77” (PKO 5€).
  14. “el mojoso” (Hold’em NL €1).

The Spanish win 4double and the balance sheet Balance for our team: 10First vs. 11Second place.

These are the results of the regular Sunday tournaments with 5-figure prizes:

  1. Typucm2 (Sunday PKO 20€. Price: 3,059.37 Euros. Number of participants: 1,287. Prize pool: 23,166 Euros. Country: Belarus).
  2. OlaOlaAmigo (Sunday bounty €100. Prize pool: 4,377.09. Number of entries: 254. Prize pool: €22,860. Country: Finland).
  3. FagnerRC (Mini Thunder) €10. Prize pool: €2,369.24. Number of participants: 2,537. Prize pool: 22,833. Country: Brazil).
  4. Wavelnner (Thunder £50. Prize pool: £3,732.09. Number of entries: 443. Prize pool: €19,935. Country: France).
  5. juanchito007 (Classic €10. Prize pool: $4,426.96. Number of entries: 6,857. Prize pool: €61,713. Country: Portugal).
  6. DGZ 520 (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,139.20. Number of participants: 2,127. Prize pool: €19,143. Country: Portugal).
  7. jamesatom (Sunday High Roller €250. Prize Pool: €6,444.50. Number of Entrants: 110. Field: 110. Prize Pool: €25,575. Country: Portugal).

Registration is now open for PokerStars’ tournamen...

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  • This text seems to be a recap of recent poker tournaments and their winners. It provides information on the number of participants, prize pools, and countries represented. Overall, it appears to be highlighting the success and achievements of various players from different countries.

  • The text provides information about recent poker tournaments, including the Monster 50 tournament with a large prize pool and the Galaxy Series After Parties events. It also highlights the success of Portuguese players and their wins in various tournaments.

  • The text describes a poker tournament with a large prize pool and highlights some impressive wins by Spanish and Portuguese players. It seems like a successful event with many participants and exciting outcomes.

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    The text provides a detailed overview of recent tournament results and winnings, showcasing the success of various players from different countries. It highlights the competitive nature of the events and the diversity of participants, with Portuguese players standing out as consistent winners throughout.

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