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RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi comments on the su...

Next week will be a busy one on the poker scene in the interior of São Paulo with the historic Rio Preto Poker Series, the “RPSOP”, which will have an impressive R$500,000 guarantee. The consolidated circuit will hold its third stage in 2023 at the Ipê Park Hotel in São José do Rio Preto.

To hold an event of this size and, consequently, to seek a change in level, it took a lot of dedication and organization on the part of those involved in the project. One of those responsible is RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi, who recalled where it all began in an interview with Mundo Poker:

“I’d been running tournaments for a while in São José do Rio Preto, but they were small tournaments of R$ 30K, 50K, 100K and, in parallel, Rodrigo Haru, a partner at Bibi X Poker, ran cash games on some weekends. Then we came up with the idea of doing the first RPSOP with a R$150,000 guarantee. Rodrigo approached me and we combined the tournament with the cash game and a successful partnership was born.”

The partnership culminated in great success and the RPSOP became a sensation. From R$150,000 in the first stage, the guarantee for the second stage more than doubled: R$350,000. If before, players from the region had to travel hours to the capital to play big events, with the arrival of the circuit in the interior of São Paulo that changed, as Andreazzi commented:

“São José do Rio Preto was lacking in big tournaments, as the city and the surrounding area has great potential for players who play tournaments and cash games. The RPSOP was created to give players who can’t play the big tournaments in Brazil (BSOP and KSOP) the chance to play in a tournament with the same structures and organization. The RPSOP has put São José do Rio Preto on the highest shelves of national poker”.

With a R$500,000 guarantee and several interesting tournaments on the schedule, the event will be the biggest ever held in the region and should attract important names from São Paulo and many other states. In addition to the cash game-oriented structure, organized by Bibi X Poker, the expectations of the entire organization for the historic third stage are enormous.

Asked how the preparations are going and what to expect from the stage, Leandro didn’t hesitate: “It will be a success. A historic stage that will mark all those who take part, with an attractive guarantee that São José do Rio Preto and the region have never seen. We’ve made some great partnerships, both structurally and organizationally, and I’m sure we’ll beat this guarantee and we’ll be heading for an even bigger guarantee in the next stage.”

Andreazzi and Alex, former Corinthians and Internacional de Porto Alegre player, during the second stage

Among the highlights of the schedule are the following events: Main Event with a buy-in of R$ 370 and R$ 170,000 guaranteed, High Roller PLO4 (R$ 1,000 – R$ 30,000 guaranteed), High Roller NLH (R$ 1,200 – R$ 70,000) and a very interesting one, “Sudden Death”, with a buy-in of R$ 10,000 and three 0Km cars guaranteed.

The tournament, which has the curious and eye-catching name “Sudden Death”, is an innovation offered by the RPSOP and Andreazzi explained how it will work: “It’s an innovative tournament, never seen in events of this size, with a 0km car as an attraction, which helps to increase the guaranteed prize pool for the stage. In this RPSOP, three 0km cars will be given away, two for two PLO5 tables and one for a Texas Hold’em table, played in a Sit & Go format.”

The event is scheduled for October 18-22 at the beautiful Ipê Park Hotel, which has an impressive structure. Mundo Poker will also be covering the event on the spot. Leandro ended the interview by leaving a message and an invitation for everyone who wants to come along:

“Players come to play the RPSOP because they know that the tournament is run with transparency and honesty, and that they will receive everything they win without any problems. And most importantly, we have people involved in the organization who do everything with a lot of love and dedication, to provide an event that will mark the players’ lives and, therefore, in the next stages, we are sure that this player will come back and bring friends to the circuit,” he concluded.

RPSOP partner Leandro Andreazzi comments on the su...

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  • This text is discussing the upcoming Rio Preto Poker Series in São Paulo, which has a guarantee of R$500,000 and is expected to attract players from across Brazil. The organizers have worked hard to create a successful event that offers the opportunity for players to compete in tournaments with high quality structures and organization.

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    This text discusses the upcoming Rio Preto Poker Series (RPSOP) in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. The tournament, held at the Ipê Park Hotel in São José do Rio Preto, has become a significant event in the region, offering a guarantee of R$500,000. The text highlights the growth and success of the RPSOP, which started with smaller tournaments and has gradually increased its guarantee.

    The partnership between RPSOP and Bibi X Poker has been instrumental in organizing the event and attracting players from the region. Previously, players had to travel to the capital to participate in major tournaments, but with the RPSOP, São José do Rio Preto has become a prominent destination for poker players.

    The text also mentions some of the highlights of the upcoming tournament schedule, including the Main Event, High Roller PLO4, High Roller NLH, and a unique tournament called Sudden Death, where three brand-new cars are up for grabs. The RPSOP aims to provide players with a tournament experience similar to larger national events like BSOP and KSOP.

    The author expresses confidence that the historic third stage of the RPSOP will be a success and attract important names from São Paulo and other states. Furthermore, they predict that future stages will have even bigger guarantees. The enthusiasm and dedication of the organizers are evident in their preparations for the event.

    Overall, the text effectively conveys the excitement and significance of the Rio Preto Poker Series in São Paulo, highlighting the growth of the tournament and its impact on the regional poker scene.

  • This text provides a detailed and informative overview of the Rio Preto Poker Series (RPSOP) taking place in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo. It highlights the growth and success of the event, showcasing how it has become a significant tournament in the region.

    The dedication and organization required to host an event of this magnitude are emphasized, as well as the partnerships that have been instrumental in the success of the RPSOP. The text also mentions the various tournaments and events scheduled for the upcoming stage, including the impressive R$500,000 guarantee and the innovative Sudden Death tournament.

    Overall, the text conveys a sense of excitement and anticipation for the historic third stage of the RPSOP, encouraging players to participate and experience the event firsthand. It offers a glimpse into the world of poker tournaments in São Paulo and the growth of the sport in the region.

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