Santosh Suvarna wins $992,000 vs. Andrew Roble, setting high stakes poker record

Santosh Suvarna wins record $992,000 pot in high s...

On the latest episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12, Santosh Suvarna set a new record by winning $992,000 against Andrew Robl. It’s the largest pot in the history of the TV show

Santosh Suvarna has been active in the professional poker world for seven years. At first, he focused only on cash games, but over time he started participating in tournaments and now he is achieving great results. He earned nearly $6.5 million through offline activities. He currently has the second highest winnings among all Indian regulars at The Hendon Mob.

American poker player Andrew Robl specializes in cash games and is having one of his most successful seasons this year. As of the end of 2023, his net worth was $3,156,100. This is the highest amount achieved in this game format.

Andrew Robl in 2023

The game starts with blinds of $1,000/$2,000. Each player contributed $500,000. Suvarna successfully executed a $4,000 straddle, which is often seen in Showdown. When it was Robl’s turn to move into the small blind, he raised and to $16,000. Adams declined in the big blind and Suvarna responded with a 3-bet for $54,000. Robl called, and the flop came , , , , , , .

Robl was lucky enough to win the hand on the flop, leaving his opponent with almost no chance of winning – only a perfect turn and river could do that to save Suvarna. Andrew started by allowing his opponent to bet $45,000. After Robl called, King’s Tern King added a pair to his opponent’s hand, slightly widening his narrow path to victory. Both checked as Suvarna showed restraint at the right time.

The decisive moment was the king on the river, which gave the Indian a better hand against Robl’s trio. Confident of his victory, Andrew bet $300,000 of the $202,000 pot.

Suvarna put the remaining $395,000 all-in. Roble backed him up and believed his three-bet bet was better. After the showdown, Santosh was declared the winner and set a new record for the show: $995,000 per hand.

This moment was not only a highlight of the season but also highlighted the standard of the tournament. The skill and risk a player is willing to demonstrate in high-stakes poker.

Santosh Suvarna wins record $992,000 pot in high s...

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