WCOOP: Brazilian quartet shines in Saturday series; look at

Felipe Pantoja, Kelvin Kerber, 'ferkovsk' and othe...

After a short break, players returned to the PokerStars tables on Saturday (16th) to decide some WCOOP Thursday tournaments, with several Brazilian players making it to the Grand Finals. Names like Felipe Pantoja, Kelvin Kerber and “ferkovsk” have won big in the series.

The biggest prize was originally awarded to the mysterious “ferkovsk”, an unknown Brazilian grinder. In Event #24-M ($530 Prog KO Thursday Thrill), he competed against 1,647 entrants and earned $103,927. Second place went to NetTeam’s Alex Pazinato, “Shunzao,” who earned $65,098, and Victor Bonifácio “victorbco,” who earned $34,572 in fourth place.

Suits Poker Team Ace Felipe Pantoja (or “Pantoja RO”) had a stellar performance to win the reentry in Event #25-H ($3,150 6-Max One-off). The Brazilian ace won out of 94 entrants and increased his credit by $67,338.

Later, Kelvin Kerber (aka “Kelvin_FP:AR”) contacted a member of our Samba Poker team and gave 209 opponents no chance in Event #32-H ($1,050 NLH 5-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO). The pro’s win netted an impressive$41,619in prize money.

Event No. 22-M, the $55 NLHE, was also won by a Brazilian player. Felipe Badotti (better known as “fcb-serv”) beat 4,798 entries to win $29,872, while compatriot Rafael Façanha (“R4F3R4”) took home $28,249 in the United States. Complete the game.

Felipe Pantoja, Kelvin Kerber, 'ferkovsk' and othe...

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  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian players in the recent PokerStars WCOOP tournaments, with notable wins by Felipe Pantoja, Kelvin Kerber, and ferkovsk. These players achieved impressive earnings and demonstrated their skills in various poker events.

  • The text highlights the success of Brazilian players in various PokerStars tournaments, with notable wins and impressive prize money. It demonstrates the skill and talent of these players in the online poker community.

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