WCOOP: Yuri Martins and Kelvin heading into the final day of Event #31-H

Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber are in the middle o...

There will be a lot of decisions to be made at the online poker tables on Sunday, and of course the Brazilian team will be in attendance for almost all the matches. Event 31-H is the WCOOP’s $2,100 NLHE, with 11 players remaining out of 99, including two Brazilians. That’s the case for Yuri Martins, the eight-time winner of the series, and Kelvin Kerber, who failed in the championship on Saturday.

Of the two men, pilot Yuri Martins was the one with the most victories. Chips from the legendary account “theNERDguy”. The ace will have a busy day on Sunday, starting the final day with 748,918 chips, which puts him in fifth place. Kelvin Kerber, “Kelvin_FP:AR,” is seventh with 451,384 chips and about 18 big blinds.

The pair come It’s not easy to say, because the absolute chip leader in the game is none other than the legendary Niklas Astedt “Lena900”. The Swede has 2,702,185 chips, almost double the 1,465,442 chips held by second-place “European” Finn Samuel Vousden.

Alexandre Raymond “aminolast” (1,445,688), “Haringbuis” (892.768) ), Alberto Merano “Alberto.m7” (686.975), Enrico Camosci “Whatisl0v3” (431.721), Bert Stevens “Girafganger7” ( 403.192), Wojtek Barzantny “Piper_Kl88” (344.97) “Naza114 (326,730) completes the top finals daytime lineup.

Contest continues on Sunday (17th) at 4:05 pm. Blinds are 12,500 /25,000, with a ante of 3,250. All 11 “Finalists” have earned a minimum ITM of $4,997, with the winner receiving $47,315 and taking home a beautiful series trophy.

Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber are in the middle o...

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  • This text discusses the upcoming online poker tournament, specifically focusing on two Brazilian players, Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber. The text also mentions the current chip leaders and the prize money at stake for the winner.

  • This text discusses the upcoming online poker tournament, WCOOPs $2,100 NLHE, and highlights the presence of two Brazilian players, Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber, among the 11 remaining players. The chip leader is Niklas Astedt, and the tournament will continue on Sunday with a minimum prize of $4,997 and the winner receiving $47,315.

  • This text provides information on the remaining players in the WCOOPs $2,100 NLHE event, with two Brazilian players still in contention. The final day will be challenging, with the legendary Niklas Astedt holding a significant chip lead. The winner will receive $47,315 and a series trophy.

  • This text provides details about the upcoming online poker tournament on Sunday, including the presence of Brazilian players Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber. It also highlights the chip counts of the top players, with the Swedish player Niklas Astedt leading the pack. The tournament offers a substantial prize pool, with the winner set to receive $47,315.

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