Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online segment

Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online seg...

Starting and ending on Tuesday, Yuri Martins competed for the title in the WSOP Online MTT for the fifth time in a row. He was eliminated in a three-way event in the $3,000 Primetime event, earning $24,011. Rodrigo Selouan took home silver and $32,019. The tournament has 50 participants.

Yuri didn’t stop there. The Paraná native finished in fourth place in the $2,500 six-hand NLH Second Chance event and won another $21,820.

Finally, the Ninetales ace was just one hand away from winning the $2,100 PLO High Roller to add another $14,587 to his bankroll.

Felipe Ketzer finished second out of 294 entrants in the $1,050 Daily Deepstack HR contest, earning $42,102.

On the site, Pablo Brito took third place $25,325 in a Deepstack HR worth $5,250. See other results:

Tournament Player Position Prize WSOP Online: $150 Daily Deepstack “KeepControl” 1 $11,985 WSOP Online: $215 Bounty Hunter Big GameTauan Naves4. $10,694 WSOP High Roller: $525 Day Saver HR Hyper Turbo “neneco2468″2 $7,243 WSOP Online: $88 CRAZY EIGHTS 8 Hand Douglas Barbosa2.$6,151

WSOP Online: $15 Daily Mini Deep Stack “iLoveLauri”1 “4.$5,285 WSOP Online: $25 GGMasters Mediterranean Bounty Delight “VirgulinoRei” 2.$5,143

Yuri Martins performs in inspiring WSOP Online seg...

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    This text is a report on the performance of Yuri Martins in various WSOP Online events. It highlights his multiple cashes and near wins, showcasing his strong skills and success in the poker tournament.

  • This text highlights the achievements of Yuri Martins in various WSOP Online tournaments, where he consistently performed well and earned significant cash prizes. It also mentions the successes of other players in different events, showcasing the competitive nature of the tournaments.

  • The text highlights Yuri Martins’ impressive performance in multiple WSOP Online events, where he earned significant cash prizes. Other players such as Rodrigo Selouan and Felipe Ketzer also had successful finishes in various tournaments.

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